Friday, 23 September 2016

Cool Wishlist From Nastydress

Hello fellas! In my country, rainy season is coming and I should prepare myself for the colder weather. Rain makes the weather a little bit cold but I'm pretty sure if western people go to Indonesia in this rainy season, they still feel the weather in this country is very hot hahaha. But for Indonesian, we feel a big different between summer and rainy season besides of one is hot, and another one is raining, what I mean is the temperature. 

So because of it, I make a a wishlist of the jacket that I want to have for this rainy season. This time wishlist is from Nastydress (click the link to visit the website). I found MANY cool jackets there. I don't like the ordinary jacket that all people definitely have it, so I choose the jackets that are on trend for nowadays, can you guess it? Yes, it's bomber jacket. I love wearing bomber jacket so much because it's so cool, stylish, and by wearing long sleeve makes me more comfortable (except the weather is very hot). And because of I just have few bomber jackets, I want to have it more so yeah I choose it to be my wishlist.

Anyway, I guess some of you are wondering what Nastydress is (if you haven't click the website above). Nastydress is a TRUSTED online shop who sells dresses, outerwears, swimwears, shoes, jewelries, accessories, etc for women and men. And they're on BIG SALE now, you guys must check out the website and grab it fast before those products are out of stocks. Don't worry, the prices are affordable. They ship worldwide and you can choose any payment method that Nastydress have. Kindly check out buyers style with Nastydress (review) if you want a proof that Nastydress is a trusted online shop :)

And oh, I also make a wishlist for Nastydress' shoes too because many of them are so cute! If you're my old reader, you know that I love shoes so much and I can't resist when I see cute, cool, or unique shoes, especially when they're on trend. This time I choose unique and cute shoes. As you can see at the first picture below this, the shoes have "butterflies" on their back. And another ones are lace up shoes which is on trend. I've never have lace up shoes with heels so I want them so much. And the others are lovely flat shoes because besides the models are so cute, they're also pink (actually there're many color options, but I choose pink because it's my current favorite color).

That's all my jackets and shoes wishlist. See ya on the next post! :)



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