Monday, 25 May 2015

Oliv's Journey: Phuket, Thailand.

Like my blog post name, I want to share about my trip to Phuket, Thailand on 13rd-15th May 2015. I went there with my family for the first time in foreverrr *singing Frozen's song*. Actually we went to Bangkok first before and after we went to Phuket. But we were in Bangkok just for a while so nothing much to tell when we were in Bangkok. It was really a fun trip, spent quality time with my family. We booked 2 rooms for the first time in my life (before this, we always only booked 1 room for the whole family (my family members aren't many). I stayed at Grand Mercure hotel. It's a really nice hotel. For the first day, I ate Korean food, and the rest last 2 days I ate Thai food. Most of Thai foods are spicy, but we can ask for less spicy. Sadly, I didn't take photos of the foods because the foods weren't cute to took photos (and I regret it now). Haha. So here's my pictures, hope you enjoy them :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Dorothy Perkins (event): Style Heroes

Last few months I attended Dorothy Perkin's event: Style Heroes. That was a talk show event with the speaker: ci Sonia Eryka and kak Dewi Utari about their collection (Style Heroes). I was so glad can join that event. That event was so cool. The best things about this event were I got discount to bought clothes at this shop, got free eyebrow wax from Benefit Cosmetics, and I had opportunity to talked and took pictures with ci Sonia Eryka (one of the most humble top fashion blogger in Indonesia) and asked so many question about fashion job, mirrorless camera, blog, etc. I post picture with her and my OOTD at that day below. Happy reading guys! :)

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Take Me to Somewhere Nice

Today I'm gonna post about my activity on November 9th, 2014 (again I say, sorry for the super duper late post. So many queue posts that I haven't publish it). I joined transparent clutch workshop. The workshop was taught by top fashion bloggers, kak Claradevi, ci Sonia Eryka, and also kak Kitty Manu. I was so happy I could meet kak Claradevi for the second time and ci Sonia Eryka and kak Kitty Manu for the first time, (I just knew kak Kitty Manu at that day). We had fun during the workshop. Nowadays, I'm in love with clutch. Feel like I wanna buy many types of clutch but I have no place anymore to put those clutch (if I buy it). And trasparent clutch is becoming a trend nowadays so I was so excited to joined that workshop. The workshop was held at Jetski Cafe, Pantai Mutiara. It was the very first time I've been there since I was kid. I wish I could live at Pantai Mutiara because the houses there have sea view, I like seeing sea. At Jetski Cafe, there's bazaar called North Bazaar. Some fashion bloggers like ci Anastasia Siantar, kak Claradevi, ci Sonia Eryka, and ci Paula sold their items too (their clothes which are they don't want to wear anymore). I bought a cool blazer and a vintage shirt at kak Claradevi's booth. I also met ci Michelle Hendra. When the workshop began, the weather was so hot so kak Claradevi bought us a coconut drink and it's so delicious, thanks kak :) Sadly, I forgot to take the bottle's picture. I took some pictures with all the fashion bloggers there, I post it below after my OOTD pictures.

The view is like in another country, isn't it? If I'm not mistaken, the building over there is Baywalk Mall.