Sunday, 28 February 2016

New Hair Colour With a Vintage Style

Hello fellas! Today I want to show you my new hair colour and bangs (if you haven't seen my last post before this), and also my OOTD. I just had my hair dyed on last Thursday (thanks to Stefanny for accompanied and helped me to made decision about what hair colour that I should dyed). This was the second time I had my hair full dyed. The first one was too dark so the colour was only visible below the light. Actually this time colour is too light on the top of my hair (and it made me a little bit shock when the first time I looked myself in the mirror after I washed my hair), and too dark on my below part of my hair. To be honest, I'm a little bit not satisfied with the result but it's still ok, still good enough, not bad. But even though I'm a little bit not satisfied with the result, all of my friends told me that my hair colour looked good on me, and it made me relief because it means my hair colour is not bad hahaha. What do you think of my new hair colour and bangs?

Let's talk about my outfit. For this time OOTD, I wore a different style of my outfit. This time style was a little bit (or much?) vintage. I wore this outfit to the church. Anyway, I wore this clothes in hurry so I didn't have time to tried it first whether it would be match or not to combined this long sleeve white shirt with this lilac dress, it was only on my imagination what it would look like. When I arrived at my church, my friends told me that I looked so vintage and I just realized that it was right! Thank God my imagination was right that these two clothes would be match. Haha. I didn't wear high heels simply because I didn't have mood to wear it, so I wore flat shoes with a little purple colour on it so it would be match with my dress colour. My another friend told me that I looked girly at that time and it made me thinking that did I not look girly on usual? Because of it, I just realized that my style has changed. If you're following my blog since 2014, you can see my style was feminine at first. As time goes by, my style changes become a little bit not feminine (but I can't say it's boyish too, just not feminine).

Let's look my full OOTD, click "read more" to see it! (the button is below these 2 photos) :)

Monday, 22 February 2016

What is the Real Beauty?

Hello fellas! As written in the title, today I'm going to post about beauty. This post is different with my other post, because I don't post my OOTD photos, but selfies. 

Lately I got acnes attack. It made me so stressed because almost every acnes that I had, left many scars because they're quite big. As a fashion blogger, beauty is quite important (in my opinion). If it doesn't important, you don't wear make up everytime you take OOTD photos. I used to be not confident because of this acnes attack. I even overthink about how can I attract a guy if my face like this because as I know, boys are attracted to girls' physical first, then personality. I made my worth depended on physical/outer beauty. When my acnes were in the worst, I even wore a mask because I'm not that confident. 

Want to know further about my story? Click "read more" to read it :)

These photos are A LOT better than my real face (I didn't edit these photos, my camera knew me so well haha)

Monday, 15 February 2016

EVENT REPORT: Max Factor X Lacoste

Hello fellas! Today I'm going to post about event report of Max factor X Lacoste. So at that day, me, Stella, and Diras went to Max Factor and Lacoste product launching at Metro Department Store, Pondok Indah Mall 1. They introduced their new products on the event. As you see here and here (click the link to see my blog posts about the products), they just launched their new products. The products are foundation and perfumes. The foundation's name is Miracle Match Foundation and the perfumes' name are L.12.12 Pour Elle.

I post the event's photos below. Max Factor also demonstrated the make up (connected with every type of Lacoste's new perfumes) with make up artist, named Wulan. After Max Factor showed and explained about their new products with make up demonstration, they gave us goodie bag. The goodie bag contents of Miracle Match Foundation and their long lasting lipstick called Lipfinity, and Lacoste's new perfume. I chose the Elegant (it's the name of the perfume) one because I really like the smell.

Took a picture with their three new perfumes

I'm not going to explain one by one about their products because I've posted it on my blog post few weeks ago. But the thing that I haven't told you about their perfumes are they have three different moods (Elegant, Sparkling, and Natural). Why did they launch three of them at a time because it makes us can choose the perfumes depend on our mood (FYI, three of them have different smells. To know more the explanation, please kindly check out my blog post here).

Lacoste's new perfumes

Max Factor's new foundation

The MC introduced Lacoste's new perfumes

Make up demonstration represented the Natural perfume

Make up demonstration represented the Sparkling perfume

Make up demonstration represented the Elegant perfume

That's all about the event repost. Hope you enjoy your reading :)

Monday, 8 February 2016

Shoes Wishlist from Banggood

Hello fellas! Today I'm going to post about shoes wishlist from Banggood. What is Banggood? Banggood is a trusted online shop who sells clothes, shoes, bags, computers and electronic stuffs, beauty stuffs, watches, jewelries, lights, cell phones and it's accessories, home and garden stuffs, etc. You can find anything in this online shop. Don't worry, the prices are affordable. It's worldwide shipping.

Since my birthday was around 3 weeks ago, it's not too late to make (another) birthday wishlist, right? So here I am now making a wishlist for my past birthday. As you can see below, my wishlist for this time is about shoes. For me, shoes are important for woman. If your clothes are so simple or  maybe a little bit not stylish (no, I don't judge. It's only for example, I don't say I'm stylish enough anyway haha), but you wear nice/cool shoes, your total look can be stylish. That's why I love collecting shoes (but I don't so often buying shoes, maybe once in 1-5 months). Let's look what's on my wishlist:

 High Heel Point Toe Sandals. This heels is so gorgeous! <3

Women Sexy Pump Sandal High Heel Open Toe Velcro Fish Head Shoes. I have the white one, but black is also good!

Sweet Flats Women's Pointed Toe Lace Up Strap Base Sandals Holow Out Shoes. I do really want to have this shoes from long time ago (since it has been on trend).

Women Ladies Flats Vintage PU Leather Loafers Pointed Toe Silver Metal Design
I've seen many online shops sell this kind of shoes but I think Banggood has the good one.

Pointed Toe High Heel Ankle Women Boots Oxfords with Lace. This shoes seems good for working. I need this kind of shoes.

That's all about my wishlist. Happy reading :)

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Product Review: Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation

Hi guys, I want to introduce you the new product of Max Factor. The product is Miracle Match Foundation. It will be launched on March 2016. Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation is the revolutionary new product that cleverly combines flawless looking shade matching that blurs imperfections and nourishes skin with hydration. It's the first Max Factor product that contain a new silicone ingredient that behaves more like a moisturizer and enables high performance blandability with medium coverage.

Many woman not satisfied with their beauty look because some shade matching formulas only offer light coverage eventhough it's enabling an easier colour-match. Miracle Match Foundation balances medium coverage with a translucent finish for an end look that gives a beautifully blurred effect and nourishes with hydration at the same time. It makes our face becomes a beautiful healthy looking nude with a blurred finish for skin perfection. Ultimate nude make-up can be as powerful and glamorous as smoky eyes and red lipstick when done properly, but it's the most challenging make-up look to create (in make up artist's opinion).

"Make-up artists spend years perfecting a natural looking healthy nude base. It's without doubt the most difficult look for women to get right, balancing enough coverage that gives you the security of fabulous flawless skin with the desire for natural glow and highlights to shine through. Max Factor Miracle Match is a fantastic foundation; it gives flawless looking beautiful skin. And that's the beginning of any glamour transformation-good skin!" -Pat McGrath, Global Creative Director - Max Factor Cosmetics.

Translucent micas. The formula is enhanced with translucent micas so while the application leaves a medium coverage, the skin is still able to reflect light which gives the illusion of naturally beautiful nude skin-with skin's natural highlights shining through.
Reduced powders. Reduced powders combined with additional translucent micas give coverage without covering skins natural highlights-skin is not mattified, but nor is it left feeling dewy - it adapts with your skin for a finish that id uniquely yours.
Light reflecting particles. Additional light reflecting particles work to blur unevenness and imperfections for a blurred effect.
Nourishment properties. 40% of the formula is made up of skin conditioning agents to nourish skin with hydration - including glycerin, vitamin E and vitamin B.

The new Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation will have total 6 shades, included Warm Almond 45, Natural 50, Beige 50, Golden 75, Soft Honey 77, and Caremel 85 at selling price Rp. 160.000,- each. Not so expensive isn't it? I personally can't wait for this product to be launched. Let's wait until March :)

Product Review: Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle (perfume)

Hi fellas! Now I'm going to make a review about Lacoste new perfumes 2016. They have three new perfumes for women. They are Elegant, Sparkling, Natural. Let me make a review further about these products.

The Elegant one is calm, fresh, floral smells: "classic yet unexpected, warm florals at the heart are matched with sophisticated Vetiver at the base, creating Elegant’s authentic chic." It seems like effortless, confident, classic but always fresh and relevant. Citrus oils, cassis bud and pink pepper give an instant feel of brightness, mellowed as mimosa brings its softness and femininity to the mix. Base notes of vetiver add a further warm sensuality, with vetiver’s masculinity giving an added edge.

The Sparkling one is playful and sweet smells: "sparkling captures Lacoste’s ‘Joie de Vivre’ with a playful heart of French macaroon contrasted against an woody and earthy Patchouli base." There is more than a hint of LACOSTE’s French roots in the playful sweet note of macaron at the heart of this scent. Top notes of fruit and spice provide sparkle with an edge, while patchouli adds its sophistication as a base note to this irresistible creation.

The Natural one is uplifting, authentic, warm smells: "notes of creamy coconut milk come together with woody Orris in this uplifting yet refined Natural scent." Coconut accord wraps its warming feel around a delicate construction of raspberry leaves, mandarin and pineapple. The powdery notes of orris bring a long-lasting soul to a fresh, light scent. Discreet yet addictive.

I personally choose the Elegant to be my perfume because besides I love the fresh smell, it matches my personality too. Oh, I forgot to tell you the prices. The 90 ml perfume is Rp 995.000,- . But sorry I don't know the prices of another size perfumes. There're 30, 50, 90 ml sizes (three of the perfumes' prices are same).

That's all my review. Thanks for reading. Have a blessed day! :)

Monday, 1 February 2016

After Rain

It's been around 1 week after my birthday. Gosh why time flies so fast. It feels like a day is over just by we blink our eyes once. I still can't move on from my birthday, because it's the best birthday that I've ever had. My family and best friends made it wonderful. 

And oh, I want to share my thought. Nowadays I'm wondering about something related with guy. I wonder how to make a guy knows that I have feeling towards him, because I'm a woman, so if I approach him first or show my feeling to him first, it's like I'm an aggresive woman (it's in my culture). Haha I don't have any relationship experience with boy, I've never dating with a guy. Even all my close friends are girls. I just ever had like friend with benefit relationship with a guy, but it's long time ago. No, I don't falling in love with a guy for now, I'm just wondering about this. I know this is so random, but yeah it comes out on my mind.

Anyway, I want to explain about the clothes that I wore. I wore stripes dress, with ribbons on the chest. I wore sleveless denim vest as an outer to make my appearance not so plain. And also I wore long socks (I made it shorter) and wedges sneakers to made it more edgy. Actually the dress is more likely vintage, but since my style is not vintage, I made it look like edgy style by putting denim vest and wedges sneakers.