Monday, 26 January 2015

Because it's my birthday!

So here's my story. I celebrated my birthday with friends in Malaysia. The purpose I visited Malaysia was to meet some of my friends and celebrated my birthday together with them, also to did photoshoot. I really like to go to Malaysia because I can meet my beloved friends who live there and branded stores in Malaysia (like Zara, Pull and Bear, H&M, Forever 21, Vans, Keds, etc) are much cheaper than Indonesia. It's like a heaven for shopping. Maybe you're wondering how can I have a lot of friends there. I have a lot of friends there because I used to live in Malaysia for the short time.

I went to Malaysia with my dad only and we stayed at The Gardens Hotel. I visited Malaysia for 3 days 2 nights only. The first day I was being there I did photoshoot with my friends as the photographers. It's the second time I did photoshoot in my life (not for OOTD). My friends took a lot pictures of me. I will post the pictures on this blog later and I can't wait to show you guys the pictures because those pictures are perfect. After we did photoshoot, I took super duper late lunch with my dad. After me and my dad took a late lunch, we searched for some things. After that, my friends who be my photographers in the afternoon's photoshoot joined me and my dad to took dinner at Fong Lye. After we took dinner, we went to Ace Hardware because my dad wanted to buy something.

The second day was so busy. I went to my church there (FGCC) with my friends in the morning, after that, we directly went to Mid Valley Megamall to celebrated me and 2 of my friends birthday. We ate at The Manhattan Fish Market. They gave me angpao (money) for the birthday present. After that, some of them accompanied me to use that money. I bought Vans shoes with that money. I'm quite satisfied with what I bought for the birthday present. Actually I wanted to buy Keds shoes, but I couldn't find the type of shoes that I want :( So I bought Vans. But this Vans' shoes are nice also, I love everything of this shoes. I post the picture below. I was so glad I could meet them and spent time with them.

On the evening, I celebrated my birthday with my Malaysian friends and one Tanzania friend at The Gardens mall. It's been so long time I didn't meet them so I was so happy when I met them. We had quality time, we talked about everything. Some of them bought me a "keep calm" calender. The calender is so cute. We took dinner at Sushi Zanmai and ate dessert at Moo Cow. Probably for 3 of them, yesterday was the very last time I met them for forever because next year they'll graduate and go back to their hometown. I'm so sad, I miss them already :(

The third day I just checked-out hotel then went to airport. So sad, I didn't have time to bought clothes whereas clothes there are cheaper than in Indonesia. Anyway, here's my pictures:

3 friends who probably I won't meet them again in forever :(

With my church community (Damansara cell group)

So our birthday is on January.

Make a wish

Blow the candle

With my beloved dad

The birthday cake

Vans from my Damansara cell group <3

From my Malaysian friends <3

Milo in malaysia is the BEST!

Komugi's cheese cake is the BEST cheese cake ever!

TWG's tea smells so good

Fong Lye's foods are one of the best chinese food that I've ever tried in Malaysia

The eggplant is so delish. Yumm!

At The Manhattan Fish Market

That's all about my birthday (small) party :)) I'm so super duper glad having friends like them. They're irreplaceable. Love them so much <3

Thursday, 22 January 2015

January 22nd, 2015

Today I'm turning 20! I feel so old. Haha. Now I know how it feels when people like to pretend their age is below 20 or so happy if someone thought their age is below 20. Actually there's sadness in turning 20 because it means you have more responsibilities, need to think about future (where I'm going to work, what job that I want to take, think about who will be my spouse, etc). You also forced to be more mature than when you're still teenager. To be honest, I'm not ready for this. But day by day I wanna learn how to think and feel like I'm 20. I wanna be tougher and wiser than before.

This is really such a grace and blessing I'm still here after all of those things happened to me. I'm so blessed beyond compare and measure. God's grace keeps me alive until now (really, I can live until now only because of God's grace). Words can't explain how blessed I am. In my 20th, I wanna be a blessing for many people around me more. I wanna be a living proof that God is alive and He loves you and me so much. And also, I wanna be top fashion blogger that can earn money from this blog hahaha. I'll be so happy when all these things come true. Let's take a look on my birthday pictures! Here we go.

With my beloved dog <3


Made by my beloved friend <3

Let us take a selfie :P

My favorite picture. I look so happy in this picture <3

Anyway, I have story to tell you about my birthday. Yesterday I got a news that I failed on final exam which means I didn't pass the subject. This made me so sad. This is one of the sadest feeling ever and this is the thing that I'm afraid the most (fail the subject). I used to think that I don't want to be born and I hate my birthday so much. Can you imagine if tomorrow is your birthday and you hear the news that you fear the most? It sucks you know. But I still wanna say God is good all the time. In any condition of my life, God is good and I wanna be grateful even though this thing happened in my life.

Then today is the D-day. Oh I forgot to tell you. I really wanna have foil balloon on my birthday since it's on trend when someone's birthday, their friends give her the foil balloon to celebrate or give her surprise. Since my friends can't give me, I bought it for myself (I bought it number 20). Honestly I'm quite sad because I hope my friends give me that balloon (but nevermind, I'm happy now). Then today when I pumped the balloon, one of them exploded because I pumped it too long. Can you imagine how sad I am. I really want to have that kind of balloon and now it exploded. So I taped that balloon hopefully it will functioning like normal again, but it wasn't. So I still got a number "2" that not exploded, the exploded one was number 0. After I pumped it (and success), I left it and took a bath. When I back, the number "2" balloon blew out. I didn't understand how to made this balloon stay longer. But i still can use it tho. So I sticked both of them on the wall with some banners that said "happy birthday". And on the same day, there's long heavy rain in Jakarta and it caused traffic so bad. So one of my friend that promised me wanna come at 11 am (because she wanted to help me decorate the room, came at 5 pm because of this sucks traffic. Can you imagine how many hours she stucked on the traffic jam? Then my anemia relapsed also. I couldn't stand up just for 5 minutes when I pumped those balloons, felt like I almost fainted. What a perfect birthday. This is the 4th time I cried on my birthday since I was kid.

I forgot to tell you again, I had a little birthday party on my house and I invited my best friends to came over to my house and celebrate it together. Then after I prepared everything (only the balloons that I prepared), my friends gave me surprise. One of my friend that told me she couldn't come, came to my house with my another friend and they brought a super duper yummy cake made by my friend. Isn't it lovely? At first they wanted to give me surprise when all of my friends came, but some of them trapped on traffict jam so they couldn't come earlier. So just 2 of my friends that gave me surprise.

....And they succeed make me happier. Then after one more friend arrived at my house, they helped me to decorate the room. And after all of my friends arrived at my house, we started to eat pizza. We ate pizza, ice cream, fried noodle, birthday cake, and drink yakult and sarsaparilla. We're all so full until couldn't eat anymore. We had fun today. We took some pictures and talked about anything. So my gloomy day turned happy when I spent time with my beloved besties <3 Well, it such a blessing having best friends like them. I love them so much. Words can't describe how much I love them. They're like my own family, a home to share everything in my life. I feel blessed to have them, they're the only friends who can accept me for who I am (I guess so because they know my dark side and everything happened in my life, I always told them but they still wanna be my friends). Some of them are my best friends since 7 years ago and as I remember, we've never had a fight or conflict.

Sorry for the long caption because I'm so happy right now haha. I want to forget about all my problems for a while and be happy. That's all what I can say about my birthday. Thank you for reading :)

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming soon so since everybody make a post about their birthday wish list, I want to make a list about what I want for my birthday too. It's okay if I don't get what I want from my friends, but at least I have something to post on my blog *haha* and I still love my friends <3. I'm quite sad because what I want for this time birthday are expensive things. All of them are above 500k so it's quite impossible to get all of them from my friends except they joint to buy me one of those things that I want. I think it's okay to have something that you want on your birthday and write it down on your blog, not because you hope someone will give your these things after they read your blog, but it's simply because you have something to post on your blog like what I said at above and write birthday wish list makes my happy somehow even maybe I don't get what I want :) Anyway, I have something to tell you, this is kinda sad story about my upcoming birthday but maybe you'll laugh at my post because it's quite funny too (sad but funny). I'll post about it later after my birthday on another post :')

Charles and Keith bags

Transparent clutch

Daniel Wellington watch (St. Andrew 36mm)

Black clutch

Keds (the navy blue one)

Ripped jeans

Monday, 19 January 2015

Simple Red

I look slim in this picture :P

Why do I choose this title because most of my belongings are in red even my highlighted hair and it's simple outfit I think. I combine the t-shirt with work skirt (usually people use this skirt for work) and sneakers. This look was inspired by my best friend, also these pictures were taken by her too.

Tattoo Choker: @lunarcult

T-shirt: Giordano

Skirt: The Executive

Bag: Kate Spade

Shoes: Converse

October 2014

Monday, 12 January 2015

She Goes Pink

This clutch is unique. I forgot to take the close up picture of this clutch.

I'm in love with this cute clutch but sadly I didn't buy it because I choose another bag

So I went to Pasific Place Mall to looking for new bag. I need a quite big bag (that fit my phone, tissue, purse, etc) to use it for wedding party. Then when I went to Kate Spade store, I fell in love with a black bag because of it's model and the colour is netral (I post a picture of the bag below). At first, I had choice want to bought Michael Kors one, or Kate Spade. But because this bag that I bought is more feminine than Michael Kors bag that I like, so I chose this merk. I'm quite satisfied with this bag because I can use this bag no matter what colour of my clothes that I wear. And yeap, I took this OOTD pictures on Kate Spade store while waiting the shopkeeper made a card member. This OOTD was taken by my beloved mom.

The bag that I bought.

Top: Forever 21

Blazer: Stradivarius

Pants: Stradivarius

Heels: Grinitty

Bag: Kate Spade

October, 2014