Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Amazing Cheap Homecoming Dresses From Dressthat

Hello fellas! Sorry for not posting anything for few weeks. I'm so busy lately for some reasons, but one day I'll tell why do I so busy for last month. Today I'm going to write about cheap homecoming dress from Dressthat. For your information, you can buy homecoming dresses online from this worldwide online shop. Not only homecoming dress, but Dressthat also sells many kind of dress, from wedding and bridesmaid dresses to vintage dresses that we can wear to hang out with friends. They also sell shoes, mermaid blanket, etc. And their collections are so adorable! Dressthat sells those products with affordable prices, so don't worry about that. 

To be honest, I don't have a dress to attend wedding party (yes, I even don't have one dress at all). I only have some dresses to go to mall, not for party. So I'm searching the dress to attend wedding or another formal party/occasion, but I couldn't find it because I didn't like the models of those dresses. Then thank God I found this online shop who sells amazing dresses that suit me. Even one of them (that I'm going to show you the picture below), is the dress that I've been searching for these few months. That dress is the monochrome dress with lace and it looks like see through on the top part. I also found a simple feminine dress that I'm sure I'll look pretty if I wear that dress because it's simple yet elegant and the colour is soft pink (gosh, how much I love that colour). The third dress is gorgeous too. It has many details that makes the dress looks so gorgeous. The colour is more likely orange-pink. I hate orange colour the most, but this dress breaks my hate for orange colour haha, I love that dress so much. And oh, the second and third dress are tulles, it makes those dresses look cuter. The fourth dress is also sweet, it has many details on the top part and it's pink too. The fifth and sixth dresses are more likely a little bit vintage, there's lace on those dresses who make them look more adorable. If you ask me to choose my favorite dress from six of them, I can't choose it because I love all of them haha. I can't wait for show you the pictures. Let's see them below!

That's all about the homecoming dress from Dress That. Let's buy their dress there and get the discount (yes, the homecoming dresses are sale up to 75% off)! See you on the next blog post :)



  1. OMG they are so beautiful! I want them all!

    What do you think about follow each other? I'm already following you! :)


  2. Wow great selection, loved all dresses <3

  3. I really love the two piece haler short coral tulle dress so much!
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    Thank you!


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