Saturday, 23 January 2016

Hello Legal Age!

"Now, I realize there's no reason to hate myself because I'm loved by many people..."

I post my thoughts about my 20th and 21st. I also post my birthday celebration photos and wrote something about it. Let's click read more to read it further!

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This is also from @alairdelacour. 

Balloons from @ea_decorate

My besties. (left to right) Yessica-Stephani-Priscilla-Yemima-Hanna-Me-Vicky-Evelyn-Melinda-Sarah. (so sad Ennie and Lucy were late so they didn't take picture with us)

My OOTD squad. (left to right) Dinan-Kiki-Stella-Me-kak Surya-Yoga-Madeleine-Sonya.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Pink Touch

Hi guys! How's your day? Hope you're doing great. I have something to share with you (as always). 

It's kinda sad in the next 3 weeks my holiday (semester break) is going to end. When it ends, it means I should dealing with my thesis again (after 1 month free from it), dealing with a subject that I should retake because I failed, etc. And I spend my January pretty unproductive. Almost everyday I just sleeping more than 8 hours like a baby (include a nap), blogging, around 2 times went to my friend's house, and the rest is went to mall but it's also seldom. My OOTD friends are also busy with their own stuffs so yeah we can't meet. On February after Chinese new year, I will enter the last semester of my uni. This semester will be the most challenging semester ever! I can't believe my uni life will be end real soon (in the middle of this year *amen). I'm not really ready for this, because my life will be change a lot. I will have a job, earning money, not getting pocket money from my parents anymore, being super productive with that job, will be more tired than uni life I guess, etc. And until now I even still don't know what job that I should take. I don't know what is my real skill or what am I good at. Future seems so blur right now and it makes me so confuse. Actually there's one more choice, will I study fashion. I love fashion but I don't know whether I want to be a stylist, or writer, or editor, or whatever you named it. I even don't know what I want and it drives me frustrated. So I just keep focus to my study, which is I'm going to do my thesis. Thesis alone has already made me stress, how if I combine my thought about future job, I guess I'll explode haha :( But I'm quite optimist I'll get a great job that I love and my thesis will be done greatly, just a little bit confuse. And I believe God is taking care of me, I'm secure in His hands, so yeah why should I be anxious?

Anyway, I wore kinda see through pink top, legging as my inner pants, and cullote as my outer pants. There's pink colour on my legging and snapback and I wore pink bag, also pink heels to matched it with my top. Why did I wear legging when I already wore cullote, because I wanted to make this look more stylish and unique, not only top and cullote like most people do. Also I wore that necklace to make this look more minimalist because my legging was already full of shade, so if I wore statement necklace, my look will be too much. Curious with full version of this look? Let's click read more below the second photos :)

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Birthday Wishlist

Finally the second best month of the year is coming! For your information, January is my birthday month. Since I have some things that I want for my birthday, I'd like to post it here my birthday wishlist (who knows you want to buy these things for me :P). And oh, don't feel like it's a must to buy me present. It's okay if you don't give me present even if you're my closest friends, I still love you anyway :) Actually I already got my birthday (plus christmas) present from my parents. And I wanna tell you the things that you should not buy it for me:
1. Doll. I have allergic with dust but I love doll so much actually (it seems like I can't move on from my childhood) :(
2. Wallet. Because I just got it from my parents.
3. Imitation bag or shoes. Not because of the quality of the bag or shoes, but I just don't like wearing those imitation things.
4. Purple, yellow, red, green, orange (all bold colours) clothes. I DON'T like bold colours (I like monochrome and pastel colours). I DO like purple so much (all my friends know it), but not for clothes.
5. Books. I'm interested with books, but I have almost never finished reading them.
6. Unbranded make up kit. I don't dare wearing unbranded make up kit because I'm afraid they're not good for my skin plus I have sensitive skin also.
7. Lipstick. I have sooo many lipsticks already with different colours, you name it.
8. Watches. I have a watches that I really love and the condition is still so good. But if you want to buy me Daniel Wellington watches is okay but don't buy the leather one because my DW's watches is leather.
9. Really short crop top or pants or skirt.

Let me tell you some things that I love or I need:
1. I love pink and purple, or pastel colour. I also love black and white for sure.
2. I love cute, girly, cool things.
3. I love vintage.
4. I love see-through skirt or top.
5. I love crop top but not so short.
6. I need cute (can be vintage) pajangan for my study desk (example: fake flowers with it's pot), but not the big one.
7. I love statement necklace or earings or ring.
8. I need fashion dictionary (but I dunno where to buy it).
9. I love floral pattern and flower so much.
10. I love ribbon so much.
11. I want leather or denim jacket and ripped jeans since long time ago but they're so expensive :(
12. I love high heels, platform shoes, and sneakers.
13. I need fedora hat but not the-really-big-one.
14. I love meaningful present <3

Bust : 82 cm
Waist: 68 cm
Hip: 89 cm
Foot size: 25,5 cm
(in case someone wants to give me clothes or shoes lol)

And here's my birthday wishlist: (this is not a must to buy it from H&M or Forever 21 (if you guys want to give me present), you can buy me present anywhere haha)

(From H&M):
*If you want to buy me pants or skirt, I suggest you to bring me to the shop because I'm afraid it won't fit on me because I have big hips and thighs.
Rp 399.900

Rp 129.900 (it's a ring)

Rp 599.900

Rp 599.900

Rp 129.900

Rp 349.900


Rp 399.900

Rp 599.900

Rp. 599.900

(From Forever 21):

Denim jacket (NOT the dress).

Leather jacket (NOT the shirt).

This is from @tututoeid:

That's all my birthday wishlist. Thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Merry Late Christmas and Happy New Year 2016!

Merry late Christmas and happy new year guys! Hope you all have a blessed year ahead. 2016 won't be easy for us, but I believe we have strength from Above to overcome this year. I made a list of what I want to achieve in this year (I call it goal setting) and I've gotten around 19 things that I want to achieve in this year. Last year, I wrote that on my phone but in the middle of the year my phone got error and the all the datas were deleted. The sadder thing is I forgot almost all my goal setting on 2015 because I lost my notes on my phone. Now I don't want to repeat the same mistakes so I wrote that goal setting on my journal so it won't be deleted again. Goal setting is so important because we can have purposes what we want to do in this year so our lifes won't be ordinary because we have purposes. In the end of 2016, when people ask you "what did you learn/achieve on 2016?" you can answer it based on your goal setting. Imagine if you don't have goal setting, you must be confuse what to answer that question because you learn a lot in this year. Goal setting can be like "I can drive a car" "I can cook" "I'm graduate from uni with high GPA" etc.

Anyway, before I Christmas, I went to Singapore with my mom and brother. My mom had yearly medical check up there so me and my brother accompanied her. I got very early birthday present from my parents a DKNY wallet and I bought MAC lipstick and bought some monochrome clothes at 313 Somerset. Actually I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anything but yeah it happened. I didn't celebrate Christmas there, on December 24th I went back to Jakarta. On Christmas eve, me and some of my friends went to church to celebrated Christmas. It's quite fun because the service was held at 11 pm until around 1.30 am. It's my first time I went to church in the midnight.

This year, I celebrated new year at my friend's house. We did BBQ on his house. He invited me so sudden. On the afternoon (December 31st), I went to barber shop to had hair spa and had my bang's cut and it's useless because there's smoke when we did BBQ -_- On January 1st, me and my big family had lunch to celebrate new year at SpringHill Restaurant. That's how I spent new year eve and new year.

Now I'm going to post my documentation around Christmas day (I didn't take a lot photos on new year). Here's those photos:

Christmas dinner with my beloved cell group <3 Love them so much.

With one of my bestest besties, she's my innerest circle. Her name is Evelyn (click here to read her blog). I love her too much. I'm so grateful I have her in my life. I learned a lot from her. I feel blessed with her presence, her relationship with God, her helps, her prayers, even her struggles. She helped me a lot to overcome my lowest time and my struggles. I'm so glad to know her :)

At Mandarin Orchard Hotel

At Mandarin Orchard Hotel.

My room at Mandarin Orchard Hotel.

My room at the hotel.

MAC lipstick that I bought. It's neon pink and dark red colour.

I wear new lipstick from MAC (the dark red one)

Neon lipstick (I don't know why in this picture it didn't look like neon pink, the real colour is neon)

At ION Orchard, Singapore.

At Changi Airport

At Changi Airport.

At Bunga Rampai Restaurant for family Christmas dinner.

With my beloved ladies. They're my past church community. Now we're not under 'community' label anymore but we're still close to each other and they're my innerest circle. We have been close friends since we're on junior high school (around 7 or 8 years ago) and still counting. I love them so much <3

Actually it's sabrina peplum top but not too visible in this photo.

Merry late Christmas from me :)