Monday, 12 September 2016

Casual Yet Feminine Outfit From Zaful

Hello fellas! How's life? Mine is great because I just found my new interest in art (maybe I'll post my artworks later). Anyway, today I'm going to write a blog post about Zaful (click the link to visit the website). What is Zaful? Zaful is a worldwide online shop who sells fashion things like clothes, shoes, and accessories for women. When the first time I visit the website, I instantly fell in love with their products because beside the prices are affordable, the products are also amazing. They also sell the latest fashion trend, like bomber jacket (believe me, their bomber jackets are too cool! I felt like wanna choose all of them haha. So now you know what product that I chose, aren't you? Yeap I chose bomber jacket (call it sukajan because it has print on the front part of the jacket) and to make it more perfect, I also chose an unique wrap choker and a white hat with cactus print on it. What makes the choker unique is because the choker is quite big, not as same as the usual wrap choker that is on trend. I love wearing unique things. Even though the prices are afforable, the materials are great, so don't ever doubt about it :) I chose three of their products on purpose because I can wear it at the same time so it would make my look more perfect. When the package arrived at my home (after around 3 weeks waiting because it's worldwide shipping), I couldn't wait to wear them and took OOTD photos with them. Then finally a chance to wore them came, and I know you can't wait to see my OOTD haha (pardon for my over confident lol). To see my complete OOTD, kindly click read more below this photo :)

Nb: I write the explanation of my OOTD below and put the links of the items that I wear.

I combine dress and sneakers to make my OOTD look casual yet feminine. So yeah, we can look feminine with casual outfit. In my opinion, casual outfit isn't always about pants, sneakers, snapback/hat, and t-shirt. I chose white dress and sneakers because they matched with the sukajan (bomber jacket) and hat. With this wrap choker, I also can make some choker styles from it (I will post another styles of this choker later). Anyway, I love the background because the color matched with my  jacket (blue) haha.

Hat: Zaful (click the link to see the hat)

Sukajan: Zaful (click the link to see the sukajan)

Choker: Zaful (click the link to see the choker) 

Dress: Zara

Shoes: Adidas



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