Saturday, 27 December 2014

Elegant Black and White

I dressed like this to a wedding party. Totally black and white from top to bottom. Black and white isn't my favorite colour, but I like this one because it looks elegant. Also I like this big black and white ribbon. Anyway, it's a skirt not a pants (it looks like pants in these pictures). So here's the pictures.

Ribbon: I forgot where did I buy this

Sleeveless shirt: Forever 21

Blazer: Zara

Skirt: Forever 21

Heels: The Little Thing she needs

March 2014

Friday, 19 December 2014

Christmas Edition with Red

Merry early Christmas guys! Hope peace be in your heart. Since this is already near christmas, I want to post what I wear on Christmas lunch with my friends. This is my very first christmas post, just so you know. I wear this cute red christmas collection dress from @sundaypopsunday. Anyway, this is my first endorsement, I'm so happy! Massive thanks to @sundaypopsunday's owner for trust me to do endorsement for her new online shop. This dress is so comfy, it's available in all size. This online shop has christmas edition collection. You won't regret if you buy her collection. The price is ok. These pictures have taken near my house by my beloved mom. 

I walked to the end of my house area (in Bahasa: perumahan, I don't know what to say in English), not wearing this heels of course but wear Wakai. Can you imagine I'm wearing dress like this and Wakai and meet many people in the street, it's so awkward. But for the photoshoot, I don't care about what people think haha. Then when I arrived at this spot, I changed my shoes into heels. When I did photoshoot, a kid talked to her friend "there's a photo model taking pictures". I'm not ashamed because it's just a kid (thank God), but my mom laughing at me, okay mom this is not funny.

I'm so in love with christmas atmosphere everywhere. Christmas songs, decoration, christmas tree, etc. Then to celebrate this early christmas, I use this beautiful red dress (I know today's still not christmas day, but this is for christmas lunch with my friends, remember?). Red and green colour are christmas colours. My dress is red and those trees are green so it's perfect christmas theme for this photoshoot. Anyway, look at my hair. I just had my hair dyed. It's purple actually, but sadly the purple isn't too visible. Maybe it'll be more visible later after I wash my hair few times.

Dress: @sundaypopsunday

Stocking: Mangga Dua Square

Shoes: Sogo Kelapa Gading Mall

Bag: Kate Spade New York

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blue Denim

Opps sorry I forgot to post this. This me before my 2-3 latest posts. This is a little bit Korean look. I confuse what to say, so no caption needed :)

Glasses: Naughty

Top and pants: Cache Cache

Wedges: The Little Thing She Needs

July 2013

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Chinese New Year OOTD

Sorry it's kinda too late but I'd like to share this post. I wore this clothes on Chinese new year. This is the first time I wore red in Chinese new year day since I was teenager. I posted this OOTD on ootdindo's instagram but they didn't approve it but it's okay I'm fine :') I still remember, in that day, after my big family went home, I went to Grand Indonesia and bought pink lipstick. Haha. That's my first lisptick that I have. 

Look at my purple ribbon ring, so cute isn't it? It's from my best friend as a birthday gift.

I used to hate my laugh because my gum is long so it's like my tooth are crooked, but now I love it :)

Sorry for bad quality picture

Selfie first.

Top and pants: Matahari

Wedges: The Little Thing She Needs

February 2014

Thursday, 4 December 2014

My Vintage Wardrobe

This time is about my vintage collection. I don't know since when I've started to like vintage but since I've became a fans of kak Claradevi (she is vintage girl), I've started love vintage so much. So around 1 or 2 months ago, I asked my friend to accompany me to went to Pasar Baru to bought vintage clothes. I asked her to accompany me because I didn't know the places who sell cheap vintage things. It felt like heaven when I saw the prices. It's so cheap so much, man. In any stores in the mall the price can be more than 200k, in these stores in Pasar Baru, it can be 10k-50k only. Can you imagine how happy I am when I saw the price tag? I've never seen the price cheaper than this before. So I bought 16 clothes, it ended up because my money wasn't enough haha (thanks to it because if I brought enough money, I won't stop shopping). Next time I don't want to shopping again until next year. So I begin to collect vintage things especially clothes. Here's what I bought and what I already have:

So nice isn't it? The most expensive thing that I bought was blazer, but it's only 50k. This is so cheap, I wanna die. Thank God my mom didn't scold me for wasted so much money. Haha. I feel so blessed beyond compare and measure. Anyway, most of them are secondhand clothes but still in good condition. But if you don't like vintage, better you buy clothes in mall which is more expensive. Honestly, I prefer to buy clothes in the mall if I don't want to buy vintage things. But for vintage things, it's nice to buy it at Pasar Baru. That's all. Thank you for reading :)