Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fly Me to the Moon

In this blog, this is the first time I show you guys my new hair cut (at that time). Nice or not? I like this hair cut because I look fresher more than when I had long hair (most of people told me so too). At the day I took these pictures, I had no intention to do photoshoot, but it's like photoshoot session right? Actually this place is a bar and restaurant, it's name is SKYE at Menara BCA (Grand Indonesia). Sadly, the weather was cloudy so the buildings back there weren't so clear. I was there with my friends. Not only my friend (Lucy Lie) took me pictures, but I took her pictures too (so it's fair haha). I can't pose well so my friend told me how to pose.

Glasses: My friend's 

Shirt: Gaudi

Dress: Ezpresso

Heels: The Little Thing She Needs

Februari 2014

Sunday, 23 November 2014

When Red Meets Brown

I took these pictures after I went home from my grandpa's birthday party (yes, my grandma and grandpa's birthday date are close (sorry for my weird English in this sentence, I don't know how to say it in English)). I call this simple outfit because it's simple indeed (for me). I like to combine red with light brown/gold colour because it looks elegant. So here's my pictures:

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: ITC Mangga Dua

Heels: Charles and Keith

Bowler hat: ITC Mangga Dua

May/June 2013

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I wore this clothes for my friend's birthday party. Look at my heels, there's ribbon. Cute isn't it? But because of I have sensitive foot, if I wear this heels for more than 2 hours, my foot hurts. This is me when I was still fat. My hair isn't too curly anymore because I just had hair cut at that time. My bangs was already long so I clip my bangs. That's all what I can say for these pictures :)

Top: Glitters

Skirt: ITC Mangga Dua

Heels: Belagio

July 2013

Friday, 14 November 2014

Red in White Stripes

Today's OOTD is about red in white stripes (or white in red stripes?), like Indonesian flag. My bangs was already long, and I wanted to try new hairstyle (without bangs) like most of girls nowadays. I wore this clothes to attend my grandma's birthday party. Pssst, I took hair spa before this event. Haha My hair colour was look like brown, but it's actually pale red. I didn't dye all my hair few months before I took this pictures, but I just highlighted it. I highlighted it red colour, this one was already pale. I curled my hair too on 2012 (I forgot to tell you before) . The real type and colour of my hair is straight black (a little bit brown) hair (I love my hair too much <3).

Top: My friend's online shop (now it's closed)

Skirt: Gaudi

Belt: ITC Mangga Dua

Shoes: Pedro

Bag: My auntie gave me this

May/June 2013

Sunday, 9 November 2014

My OOTD on Jakarta Fashion Week

Today I'm gonna post my OOTD pictures on Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. I call it vintage look because it's so vintage indeed. I've begun to like vintage so much since I became a fans of kak Claradevi (Lucedale), because her style is so vintage. I met ci Anastasia Siantar and Virzha idol too there (I post my picture with them below). Oh ya, some people from media ( and took my OOTD pictures for their websites (sadly, none of them are from ootdindo, but I'm still so proud of it haha).

I was shock but happy when they asked me to took pictures of me.

With my fashion blogger friend, Lucy.

My friend took me this picture in hurry. Sorry it's too dark.

I don't know why, I love this picture <3


With Vicky and Lucy (call her Lilshe).

With Vicky, Yessica, Diana.

Plus Michelle, I just knew her in this event. She's Yessica's friend.

Look whom I met?! Yes she's Anastasia Siantar (top fashion blogger in Indonesia). So glad to met her again for the second time :))

And I met Virzha Idol.

Dress and blazer: Thrift shop Pasar Baru
Heels: The Little Things She Needs
Clutch: Odioli

Okayyy that's all my OOTD pictures :))

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

Hi guys, guess what?? I went to Jakarta Fashion Week for the first time in forever. I'm so damn happy! I've never thought I would get the invitation. My friends gave me the invitation (she's studying fashion design at Bunka, fashion school where Tex Saverio has studied). So I went there with some of my friends. I watched Abineri Ang's fashion show from 2 pm until 4.30 pm. This event was held at Senayan City Mall. Later I'll post my OOTD pictures in the next post. I'm proud I could attend this prestigious event because not all people are invited. I like watching fashion show because I wish I could be a model, but nevermind, I will never be a model because I'm a little bit fat and not tall enough (so sad, right? But it's okay, I enjoy my fatness and shortness hahaha). I also like seeing those beautiful dresses worn by those gorgeous models. I wish I could be fashion designer, fashion blogger, and a model at the same time hahaha (too many big wishes). This will be a long post because I'm posting so many pictures here that I took on the show. Sorry some pictures are blur because I took those pictures with phone camera. Enjoy my pictures :))

This is the invitation :))


Sorry this is blur.

I like this dress, it's so pastel.

She's sooo cute <3

Don't forget to took a selfie :P

I love this dress

Sorry this is blur but I like that gorgeous dress, she dressed like this made her looked like a princess.

That western lady is sooo stunning.

Abineri Ang, fashion designer. I'm interested to join his fashion design class.

That's all about my story for this Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 and my pictures. I hope you like it ;)

Nb: Why it called JFW 2015, because it will be on trend on 2015.