Monday, 22 February 2016

What is the Real Beauty?

Hello fellas! As written in the title, today I'm going to post about beauty. This post is different with my other post, because I don't post my OOTD photos, but selfies. 

Lately I got acnes attack. It made me so stressed because almost every acnes that I had, left many scars because they're quite big. As a fashion blogger, beauty is quite important (in my opinion). If it doesn't important, you don't wear make up everytime you take OOTD photos. I used to be not confident because of this acnes attack. I even overthink about how can I attract a guy if my face like this because as I know, boys are attracted to girls' physical first, then personality. I made my worth depended on physical/outer beauty. When my acnes were in the worst, I even wore a mask because I'm not that confident. 

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These photos are A LOT better than my real face (I didn't edit these photos, my camera knew me so well haha)

My dermatologist said I wasn't allowed to wear concealer, foundation, powder, etc because it would make my acnes worse. I struggled with these acnes since April 2015 (if I'm not mistaken), so it's been almost 1 year and since these acnes attacked me, I always wore concealer everytime I went out from my house because I wasn't confident with these acnes (I didn't wear something heavier like foundation, because I was afraid it would make my acnes even worse). I even often cried and down everytime I looked my face in the mirror. I was super really not confident with myself. So I struggled a lot about beauty. 

As time goes by, I think a lot about the definition of the real beauty. And I found that beauty can't be measured by how pretty we are, how many boys attracted with us, how skinny we are, etc. In the end, physical beauty doesn't really matter. Even models aren't perfect too. Just so you know, the photos of models on magazines are much edited on the photoshop so it looks perfect. Beauty comes from within. Your heart, soul, and personality are the real beauty. So instead of focusing on the outer, why don't we focus on our inner beauty. It's useless to have pretty face if our personalities are bad. Let our inner beauty sparks out to the outside from within. I also learn to discipline my thoughts, so everytime I have negative thoughts, I change it into the positive thoughts. Like someone said, "confidence is the best make up a woman can wear", and it's true :)

Then the result now, indeed my face is getting better day by day even sometimes still get some acnes and still have many acnes scars. But my heart changes. I can be more confident with this face. I even don't put concealer on my acnes anymore when I met my blogger-mates on make up event (I know it's ironic to not wearing make up on make up event), but I feel free and happy. I can accept my face now, and it doesn't really matter to have flawless (or not flawless) face. Last week was the first time I started 8th semester on my uni, some of my friends asked me what happened with my face. Before I accepted this, I used to be down everytime people asked me about this, but for this time, not anymore. I could answer their questions with a happy heart. So it's not useless to have acnes attack because I can learn to be confident (something that maybe I can't learn if I don't experience this thing) and the result is my confident is level up.

And oh, lately I'm also a little bit obsessed to have Korean look, so beside I have Korean eye make up, I also have my bangs cut like Korean bangs trend lately. Since Korean or Korean style lovers have their bangs' cut like this lately, I'd like to try it to make me look more Korean (but I'm still proud to be an Indonesian). But it's too short and still quite thick, I hope this bangs grow faster so it'll fulfill my expectation about this Korean bangs. Haha

Anyway, I also used to be not confident everytime I had bangs cut, whether the result was nice or bad. But now, even though this bangs are too short and I can say it's quite fail, but I don't feel shy at all. I can go to everywhere without getting afraid about people's opinions about my bangs. So yeah, not only in the acne area my confident is level up, but also in another areas. Thank God for it! :)

I wore Freshcon softlens and I like it so much because the colour is purple. It reminded me about when I was in high school. Anyway, if you notice, my right eyelid is different than the left. I haven't learn about how to apply scotch tape on my eyes, so yeah. Still even it's close up photo, my real acne scars are worse than this photo.

This was my first attempt trying Korean eye make up after at 2 am I was watching Youtube how to apply Korean eye make up hahaha. Not so bad, right? What do you think of my Korean eye make up and bangs? :)

 Left eye make up made by my make up artist friend, @handamakeup, and right eye made by me (see the different, I'm not pro at makeup hahaha)

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(given from my friend as a birthday present. FYI, today has been exact one month since my birthday last month. I miss that best moment too much)


  1. oliv this is a great post! and i think we all should accept whatever happens to us whether we like it or not, just to show some confidence to other people. i think you look beautiful and acne doesn't measure beauty :)

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  2. I must say this is a wonderful post, keep up the good work =)

    I followed you via GFC, hope you will do the same by follwoing back :)


  3. great post liv!! btw you look cute with bangs!! <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. This is such a great post, yes we should try to accept ourselves and boost our confidence

  5. The post is fantastic! I love it so much:)
    Have a nice day!

  6. such an interesting post. good to know that you have built better self confidence
    style frontier

  7. Hi girl, nice post, Love your blog!
    My new post is up, please check it out, I followed you so if you want to return it would be great, if you already did it Thank you! :D <3

  8. Thanks, dear :D

    You always are so pretty :D Keep it up and take care <3

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  9. It is nice dear. Have you checkes out Chriselle Lim's blog, she posted some Korean make up there too.
    Xo, Christianne

  10. Aww thanks for sharing with us your story. Beauty start from within and having a great smile! Positivity is what I find beautiful and there are days when I have bad breakouts as well, but know that your akin can be treated and to not let it affect your mood.


  11. Hi, Olivia! This is cliche, but acne is a part of life, sadly. Happy to think that you're getting better each day!

    - Seyra x

  12. Not even in the blogging world but in general, women need to embrace their natural features and skin without makeup as well. So glad that you have gained more self confidence through this experience and it is interesting how funnily enough a positive attitude has seemed to actually affected the health of your skin in a positive way as well. Although physical beauty does exist, beauty is not just physical as you said. Beauty is kindness, being a good person, helping others, etc. We should hope to live in a world one day where those forms of beauty are prised over the physical.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  13. Beauty comes from your confidence, those acnes doesn't measure beauty. Never lose hope Oliv, be confidence in every way you do.


  14. Such a lovely post, thanks for sharing! I really like your blog, let me know if you would like to follow each other!

  15. I've never heard about "Korean eye makeup", but I think you do it well ! :)

  16. embracing yourself is the best thing you can do, we are all beautiful! nice eye makeup:)

  17. like your blog dear.. we have to be ourself n be confidence :)
    mind to follow each others? :D

  18. Thank you for sharing your story, it's a beautiful post.

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  20. I think you're absolutely adorable! I totally agree that beauty ultimately comes from within- it took me a long time to make peace with that. Confidence is extremely beautiful and you sound very authentic and confident in yourself. :)
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  21. Such an inspiring post! I think you did a great job here dear!



  22. What a great post! Thanks for sharing!


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  23. thanks a lot, dear :D

    As I said, you are really pretty with or without makeup <3

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  24. I've always had acne from when i was a teenager, but now i've learnt to take care of my skin , i still get them but not as often , Great post here and you still look beautiful regardless. Happy Weekend.

  25. This is such a great positive post! You look beautiful regardless of a few blemishes, so don't stress out about them they will go away. Have a wonderful weekend.


  26. I usually have acne attack and I know how you feel, acne is not beautiful of course but you have to love yourself for all your beautiful things and be confident enough to feel beauty all the time. It's really hard some days but you have to live with it so it's better if you accept this and try hard to look after your skin with good quality products as I'm doing currently. Kisses from Spain, I hope you get better from now.

  27. Amazing post.
    I following your blog now,please follow me back ;)

  28. I think you are very cool girl about showing the real face, people used to lie in the socialmedia!
    You are pretty!


  29. I was having an acne for a long time, and I was also bullying for it. But now, I have my skin clear and nice, without any red spot. I dont even use a makeup! I mean foundation. But your are pretty the way u are! It doesnt matter how your skin looks like! You are beautiful as a person, with your own personality and character! Dont even take any harsh words about your skin to yourself. People are really bad! And I really like that u ha enough of confidence to put these photos on your blog. You are pretty and beautiful and I hope your skin will get better in case, you want to get rid of acne soon! (: Good luck, my dear! ~ ♡

    ♡ Himouro Umaru-chan T-shirt ♡

  30. Great post dear! Thank you for sharing this honest post! ❤
    xx Pisa

  31. Oh I am with you! My skin was doing fine up until two weeks ago.
    You still look absolutely beautiful! ~.o


  32. You have such a great blog! Wanna follow each other (gfc, bloglovin...)? Let me know on my blog and i will follow you back <3
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