Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Recap of 2015

2015 has been both good and bad year for me. I learned A LOT of things this year. In this year, I've been through one of the worst moments of my life and it made me depressed (if you read my blog post few months ago about my story here, yes I had two lowest times of my life, this year and on 2011). And I even broke one of my goal settings (goal setting is like a to-do list what we want to achieve in this year) on the begining of this year. But here I am now, I'm still alive and survive from those hardships and it's only because of God's grace I can be here and be who I am today. I'm so grateful for this year. I'm grateful even with bad things that happened to me because it taught me many things and I can see God's love and experience His grace through those problems. God is so good to me! To know my recap, click "read more" :)

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Monochrome Lace

On Tuesday I had photoshoot on Taman Menteng with Nathalie as my photographer (check out her portfolio on Instagram @snapdocumentary). Before I went to Taman Menteng, my friend did my make up (check out her portfolio on Instagram @handamakeup). The photos and make up results are beyond amazing! You can see it by yourself. Click "read more" to see more photos :)

Nb: I also share something in this post. You can read it below :)

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Event Review: Max Factor with Blogger

Two weeks ago, me and my blogger mate, Stella joined Max Factor event on Central Park Mall. They just launched new products. To be honest, I've never tried Max Factor products before. That event made me interested to buy their product. So after the event finished, I bought some of their lipsticks and got a goodie bag (they gave us lipsticks, lip balms, and blush on). I was so happy to brought home new "babies". And I tried their products and they're so AMAZING! I really LOVE their lipsticks mostly. I ate noodle after I tried the lipstick and the lipstick was still on my lip after I finished eating. Amazing isn't it? I'm satisfied with Max Factor products. The blush on and lip balm are really good too. I love it! I just tried the lipstick, lip balm, mascara, and blush on because my dermatologist doesn't allow me to wear foundation, or powder, even sunblock because I have some acnes on my face (thank God now they're gone, but I still have acne scars on my face). 

Anyway, I just realized that I'm talking more about their product than the event haha. Okay I'm trying to talk about the event. First of all, we registered our name before the event started. Then they gave me a double tip with lip shape and we can decorate it with manik-manik (I don't know how to call it in English). After that, me and Stella took many pictures of us and the products on our table. And then the event started. First, there's a man from Malaysia (I forgot the name) gave a presentation about Max Factor new products. Then continued with make up demo by kak Iwan Harun. I post the result of his make up below. And oh, by the time he showed us make up demo, he also taught us how to apply make up so we learned how to make up too. They provided us the make up tools. But I didn't try to make up at that event because I already had make up on my face. Then the event finished. They gave us shopping voucher worth 200k so we used it immediately. So if I total it, I got 4 lipsticks, 2 lip balms, and 2 blush on and I just paid around 30k when the real prices can be more than 500k (total of the products that I got). They gave us random products so every people got the different lipstick, lip balm, and blush on colour. I wanted to get a purple lipstick, and Stella wanted the fuschia lipstick. And you know what, Stella got purple lipstick and me get that fuschia lipstick. So with a happy heart, we exchanged our lipstick to each other so I got purple, and Stella got fuschia. I felt super happy at that day. I'm so thankful I got the invitation and could join the event with blogger gang. Thank God for that day! :)

I post all photos on that event below. It makes me look like beauty blogger haha. Just click read more to see the photos. Happy reading guys!

Products that I got from that event

With Stella

It made from double tip and manik-manik that I mention above

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist from Banggood

Hi everyone! Since today is already December, so it means christmas day is coming soon. Yayy! This is my most favorite month because December is a holiday month and christmas atmosphere is everywhere. I do really love christmas songs which are we can listen to it on every mall.

Anyway, since christmas day is already near, I have some christmas wishlist. Most of my christmas wishlist are shoes. Nowadays, I'm kinda addicted to shoes (no, I'm not a shoesholic), just really like shoes so much. It's so different with my younger me. When I was teenager (I just entered adulthood on this year, I know this is so sad), I don't like buying shoes just because I didn't interested with it. Now since I've known fashion, shoes are so important for me. I love platform shoes, boots, ankle strap heels or another kind of high heels, sneakers, etc. And nowadays I'm also in love with oversized clothes. I'm searching for oversized clothes with long sleeve because in Indonesia, it's raining season now so sometimes the weather can be a little bit cold (again I say, just a little bit) and I'm more comfortable wearing long sleeve for some reason. Then I found this cool online shop who sells shoes, clothes, and many other things with affordable prices, it's Banggood (click the link to go to their website). They're not only sell shoes, but they also sell clothes, bags, jewelries, sport stuffs, electronic stuffs, lighting, toys, about home and garden, health and beauty, handphones, etc. So great isn't it? You can find everything on their website. Their stuffs are worth to buy. You won't regret for buying it. Let's see what kind of shoes and other things that be my christmas wishlist from Banggood! :)