Monday, 28 September 2015

Happy (very belated) Anniversary "My Second Home"!

So today I'm gonna post about my church anniversary event. The event was on April (if I'm not mistaken), I know I'm so late to post it. But it's better late than never. The event was so fun, I laughed a lot and ate delicious foods that made by my friends (they're chefs). At that event, there's kind of OOTD competition. The dresscode was formal outfit. And guess what? That day was the very first time I was being a judge of OOTD competition. Amazing isn't it? Haha. It was a great honor to be chosen as a judge. Not only me, I have partner also to be the judge. So, since I was a judge of OOTD competition, I should dressed up nicely, right? I post my OOTD below. Click read more to see my OOTD! :)

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Searching for Someone

Hey everyone! To be honest, I have no idea what to write in this post. Hmm so because of I dunno what to write, I want to inform you that I need someone to help me to do my thesis (sorry this is out of topic). That's why I make the post title is "Searching for Someone", someone is not a boyfriend lol. I need 3 people that are willing to be interviewed by me. My thesis topic is about self-harm. What is self-harm? Self-harm is any behavior to cause pain or injury to oneself without intending to commit suicide. It's a behavior to hurting oneself. Self-harm can be cutting, scratching, burning, punching him/herself, etc. The criterias are (sorry I need to write it in Bahasa):
1. Perempuan dengan rentang usia 18-22 tahun.
2. Pernah melakukan self-harm dan sudah tidak lagi melakukan dalam 6 bulan terakhir.
3. Berdomisili di Jakarta dan sekitarnya.
4. Bersedia diwawancara (data dijamin kerahasiaannya).

If you/ your family/ your friend fulfill the criterias that I mention above, you can contact me at I do really appreciate your help. I would be so thankful if you help me. Don't be afraid or shy to contact me, I won't judge or bite :P

So to make you not disappointed about my post today, I'm going to share you a story (suddenly have an idea what to write lol). To read my story and see more about my OOTD, click read more :)

Sunday, 13 September 2015

PromTimes Bridesmaid Dresses

Hi guys! Today I'm going to post about bridesmaid dresses from PromTimes. Who doesn't like to wear a stunning dress on your friend's or family's wedding party? We all do. As a bridesmaid, we need to dressed well because people will see us. If we wear a-not-stunning dress, people won't notice us. I've never been a bridesmaid, not even once in my life, but I'd like to imagine how myself will be if I'm wearing a stunning dress on my best friend's wedding party. Now I want to introduce PromTimes Bridesmaid Dresses to you. PromTimes is an online shop who sells so many beautiful and stunning bridesmaid dresses. You'll be confuse what to choose when you open their website because all of them are so beautiful. Anyway for your information, PromTimes is a trusted online shop, you can trust them. And oh, they sell amazing dresses with affordable prices, so don't worry about the price :) So here's some of their beautiful bridesmaid dresses:

Stunning, amazing, and beautiful dresses aren't they? I personally love those dresses. So simple yet stunning. So what are you waiting for? Go check their shop and buy some dresses! :)


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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Tartan Ladies

Today I'm going to introduce my blogger gang. The members are me, Diras, Sonya, and Stella (I post photos with them below). I knew Stella and Sonya from Traffique Fest OOTD competition last year, and Diras from Dreamers Radio OOTD competition this year. Few months after competition (which was this year), we decided to meet up for the first time after the latest meet up was in the competition. This post is the first time we meet up in a full team. And oh, our gang's name is Blogirls (because all of the members are girls and bloggers). Everytime we meet up, it's a MUST to take OOTD pictures. We can spend 2-3 hours just to take photos lol. Usually, we have outfit theme for every meet up. This time theme is 'tartan'. Now it's been 1 month we haven't met up because we're busy (I just entered new semester after a long holiday and have been busy with my proposal). I miss you all, my ladies :( Anyway, I post our OOTD below. Just click read more to see it :)