Friday, 31 October 2014

Meet Some of the TOP Fashion Bloggers

October 24 2014 was a happy day, actually it's more than happy day. It's super duper happy day! I met some of top fashion bloggers. They are Anastasia Siantar (Anaz's blog), Claradevi (Lucedale's blog), Olivia Lazuardy (Olivia's blog), Michelle Hendra (Michelle's blog), and also Veren Lee (Veren's blog). Not just met, but I talked and took some pictures with them too. It's a great honor to took pictures with them. All of them are so friendly, I'm quite shock hahaha and they're so pretty and stunning. Here's my pictures with them:

With ci Anastasia Siantar

With kak Claradevi (Lucedale)

With ci Olivia Lazuardy

With ci Michelle Hendra

With Veren Lee. She's two years younger than me but so fashionable.

I wish this was not the first and the last moment I met them. This was the very first time I attended fashion event and I need to attend fashion event more. Anyway, there's best dressed competition and I  won it chosen by kak Claradevi. Can you imagine how happy I am? The prize was I could choose 3 items on their booth. I'm going to post what I chose below. The things that I chose is the things that I want them from long time but I hadn't find it in any store, and then I got them all for free now. Wohooo! Massive thanks to kak Claradevi for chose me, I love her so much hahaha. I really like the prize. Can't believe this happened to me. I'm so blessed beyond measure and compare. I couldn't be happy more than this. So sad, I forgot to take pictures with them closer than this (except with ci Anaz) and I forgot to took OOTD picture. Here's the prize:

Ps: All of them are the prizes, except my heels. So lovely, isn't it? Thank God I have already been skinnier so the top is fit to my body Hahaha thanks Odioli to made this event :) 

Actually I want to publish this post after all my old pictures are published, but I couldn't wait for it so I'm posting this. That's all about my super duper happy day with top fashion bloggers. Don't be jealous with me hahaha :))

Monday, 27 October 2014

Aglio Olio

Hi guys, now I'm going to blog about my favorite food, aglio olio. It's type of spaghetti. I always order aglio olio in every western restaurant because I like it so much. It's not too sweet but salted. I like salted food, and not so like sweet food (that's why I love dark chocolate and don't like candy). I tried aglio olio for the very first time on last year (2013), it's made by my friend on her birthday and it's the most delicious aglio olio ever. Don't be hungry after I post this. Haha. Here's my pictures of aglio olio:

At Moovina - Dolce & Mezzanine Plaza Indonesia

At Oh La La

At Pancious

At The Shore Grand Nikko Bali

At Locale 24 PIK

Home made by my friend

At Nanny's Pavillon Central Park

I forgot where this was.

After tried these aglio olio, I want to try more of it in another restaurants. That's all about aglio olio. I don't like cooking so I don't have recipe how to cook it.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Pink Floral

I took these pictures after I went back to home from campus. I took these pictures because I wanted to participate on a competition. The competition's topic was floral. Sadly, I didn't win. This was my first competition that I joined since a long time ago. Again, this is pastel colour, I like it :D This picture was taken at my home. My mom helped me to took the pictures.

Selfie first :P

Hair clip: My friend sold it

Top and pants: Cache Cache

Stocking: Mangga Dua Square

Wedges: The Little Thing She Needs

Friday, 24 October 2014

Purple in Square

This post is all about purple and square (see my jacket,shoes, headband). My tanktop is floral prints but it's not clear. I wear black ribbon belt also. Sorry some pictures' warm are different than others because I just found out how to decrease picture's warm. I love this outfit even it's a little bit complicated (like my love relationship, no I'm just kidding) because it's purple <3

Headband: Online shop but it's already closed now

Jacket: Baleno

Tanktop: Cache Cache

Leather skirt: Gaudi

Stocking: Mangga Dua Square

Shoes: Wakai

April/May 2013

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Galaxy in Love

When the first time I saw this galaxy legging, directly I think that I must buy this. This is my favorite legging ever. My face is no make up (at that time I still a little bit not really like make up). I took this picture after I went to somewhere, so it's a little bit messy because I was tired.

This is the real me (with glasses)

My friend told me that my face here a little bit look alike Sonia Eryka (one of the top fashion blogger in Indonesia), am I? :P

So in love with this galaxy legging and purple shoes

Top (Long sleeve): JuizyWoozy (Kelapa Gading Mall 3)

Top (White shirt): Forever 21

Legging: Forever 21

Shoes: Wakai

Februari / March 2013

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Random Things (1)

Why do I give title to this post "random things" because it's totally random haha. I combine these random photos into 1 post only because each of them are different photos and I only have 1-2 photos for each theme of photos. So better I combine it so it won't make my blog full of short post.

This is soap, beautiful isn't it? I got this from my senior after I filled her questionnaire (in Bahasa: kuesioner).

These beautiful handmade "swans" were made by my campus friend.

Manggo sticky rice from Bangkok Jam restaurant (Emporium Pluit Mall). It's so delicious.

Curry sausage rice from Coco Ichibanya Curry House restaurant in Grand Indonesia Mall. This is delicous too. I love curry. 

Chocolate Milkshake from Island Creamery (Kelapa Gading Mall). Look the flower is purple! This is the current book that I read, it's christian book. It's about how to be a Godly women while waiting for Mr. Right.

Thanks to my friend for took this photo. Actually the Starbucks drink was my friend's but I borrowed it just for took a picture. Lol. It's Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate.

That's all about my random post. Thanks for reading :)

Monday, 20 October 2014

Pastel Party

Now the title of my post is pastel. I really like pastel colour (beside purple). Since I've became feminine, I became like pastel so much. I like it because the colour is soft. My top was from my best friend as a birthday gift (thanks you <3). Actually my top is soft blue and my pants are soft pink with the animal prints. I edited the exposure of these pictures because it was too dark and the colour was too warm, but the result become like this --" But it's okay, you still can see the real colour, aren't you? This is me when I'm still fat. So pardon my fatness. hahaha. And oh, the teddy bear was from my parents as birthday gift (thanks mom and dad!).

Top: somewhere (from my best friend)

Belt: Cache Cache

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Pedro

Doll: Teddy Bear House

February, 2013

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Pink Barbie

At the time I bought this Barbie jacket, it's on trend. Am I look like Korean already? Lol no I'm just kidding (I know my joke isn't funny, I know it, you don't need to tell me haha). I'm not an Korean freak just so you know. I even not interested in K-pop. I only like Korean style (but not have intention to copy their style, even some people told me that my style (and face) a lilttle bit looks like Korean).

Actually this jacket's colour is pink. But because of my camera wasn't good enough, the colour is like a little bit pale. I love my bag so much, because it has ribbon. Yes, I like ribbon so much. That's why I have 2 bags that have ribbon (like my post before this, the purple one). Sorry if I wear the same shoes, I told ya before that I don't have many shoes (but I'm grateful at least I still have good shoes to wear). Okay enjoy my OOTD pictures guys :)

Jacket: Forever 21

Skirt: Somewhere (I forgot where did I buy this)

Shoes: Pedro

Bag: Carlo Rino

Glasses: Naughty (if I'm not mistaken, it's long time ago I bought this (also the skirt))


Thursday, 16 October 2014

I (heart) Dogs

I bought this black skirt on my birthday (2013). This is my first skirt that I've ever bought (since long time ago). I've became feminine since 2012 after took kinda personality class (after I took that class, I've started to like girls things like high heels, dress, skirt, make up, etc). As the time goes by, I've became more feminine day by day. All of my old friends know my transformation from geeky (yes, I WAS too geeky) to the now me :P

Why did I buy that top because I love dogs so damn much. Most of my friends know it.

Top: Forever 21

Skirt: Forever 21

Flat shoes: Pedro

Bag: Bonia

June 2013