Sunday, 28 February 2016

New Hair Colour With a Vintage Style

Hello fellas! Today I want to show you my new hair colour and bangs (if you haven't seen my last post before this), and also my OOTD. I just had my hair dyed on last Thursday (thanks to Stefanny for accompanied and helped me to made decision about what hair colour that I should dyed). This was the second time I had my hair full dyed. The first one was too dark so the colour was only visible below the light. Actually this time colour is too light on the top of my hair (and it made me a little bit shock when the first time I looked myself in the mirror after I washed my hair), and too dark on my below part of my hair. To be honest, I'm a little bit not satisfied with the result but it's still ok, still good enough, not bad. But even though I'm a little bit not satisfied with the result, all of my friends told me that my hair colour looked good on me, and it made me relief because it means my hair colour is not bad hahaha. What do you think of my new hair colour and bangs?

Let's talk about my outfit. For this time OOTD, I wore a different style of my outfit. This time style was a little bit (or much?) vintage. I wore this outfit to the church. Anyway, I wore this clothes in hurry so I didn't have time to tried it first whether it would be match or not to combined this long sleeve white shirt with this lilac dress, it was only on my imagination what it would look like. When I arrived at my church, my friends told me that I looked so vintage and I just realized that it was right! Thank God my imagination was right that these two clothes would be match. Haha. I didn't wear high heels simply because I didn't have mood to wear it, so I wore flat shoes with a little purple colour on it so it would be match with my dress colour. My another friend told me that I looked girly at that time and it made me thinking that did I not look girly on usual? Because of it, I just realized that my style has changed. If you're following my blog since 2014, you can see my style was feminine at first. As time goes by, my style changes become a little bit not feminine (but I can't say it's boyish too, just not feminine).

Let's look my full OOTD, click "read more" to see it! (the button is below these 2 photos) :)

That's all about my OOTD. Thanks for reading! :)

Long sleeve shirt: Forever 21

Lilac dress: Amygostore (Instagram & website)

Flat shoes: Pla Style (instagram & website)


  1. your hair color isn't that bad kok cii, malah menurut aku lebih cakep rambutnya kalo lbh terang warnanya ^^ suka banget dressnya, lucu !

  2. Very cite look Olivia ❤️
    Have a fab week! Xxx

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  4. I love vintage style, you look amazing and so girly!!
    Have a nice day doll,

    ♥ Johanna,

  5. Duh dressnya lucu banget! Kayaknya jadi memberikan kesan yg berbeda yaa :)
    Ini bukan vintage sih tapi vintage-inspired. Beda soalnya klo vintage gaada yg bgini.

    Alive as Always

    1. Iya lucu yaa hehe menurut aku sih ini termasuk vintage dehh :)

  6. love everything in those pics! hair, makeup, outfit, the best!

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  7. You have really beautiful blog!x

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  8. oliv you look so cute and lovely #mucholove <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  9. I absolutely love your dress

  10. Olivvv you are really pretty with this color <3 Thank you for posting ya livvv <3

  11. Looking good on you :)


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  13. I like the color of your hair! It's perfect for spring :)

    xx Claire

  14. Love the outfit!

  15. Great outfit dear!
    p.s. I`m following you already - look for Vesna Gavrilovic! :)

  16. So stylish! Love this look!:)

  17. Your blog is inspiring!
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    x Avia x

  18. That sequin collar is so pretty, and you look gorgeous too with that outfit!

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  19. Cute outfit and hair! x
    Instagram: danielpoonvignez

  20. Thanks a lot, sweetie :D

    You are so so pretty :D Just in love with all details :D

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  22. I love your hair colour and I think you look great in this vintage style!!!

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    Walking Freckle

  23. Love this vintage look liv! and your hair so cute :)

    Sonya Thaniya
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    Thankyou ^o^

  24. Love of all these pics: hair color, bangs, outfit, makeup, you, perfect!

    Saturation Boy

  25. I think that color compliments you.
    Love your dress too.

  26. your hair looks great and your outfit is really classy as well :)

    danielle | avec danielle

  27. how have you been Oliv! great new hair and lovely look. such banget deh vest dressnya so 60s.

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  29. Amazing look dear! I really like vintage style. Kisses from

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  31. I really like the dress.

  32. Looking good! I like that dress on you. I've always wanted to try something like that on so I can see if it matches me.

    Heba xx | The Heba

  33. looking chic with that vintage look^^,
    nice to know your lovely blog , if you don't mind please checkout mine

    thankyou :)


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