Monday, 25 April 2016

Blogger Report: Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

Hello fellas! First of all, I want to say sorry for this late post. My schedule was to publish this post on last Thursday (usually I publish a new blog post once in a week), but it's been few days late to post it. I've been so busy lately. Busy because of my thesis. Why did I don't post it on March right after this event, because I had many queue posts at that time. So yeah, here I am now making this post.

As it's written on the title, I want to make a blogger report about Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2016. I was so glad to watch this show for the very first time. Thanks ci Felicia for the invitation. I also met kak Dee and kak Zsa, and new friend, Sonia, we watched this show together.

On this Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week, I watched Harper's Bazaar fashion show with the theme "Asia Newgen Fashion Award". It was a grand final show for 10 young Indonesian designers (yes, it's a competition). They are so talented. Each person has different theme for their designs. Let's click read more (below the 5th picture) to see their masterpieces.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Edgy Style in Black

Hello fellas! Today I'm going to post about my new "babes" that I got from Newchic. Can you guess what they are? Yes, they are shoes, choker, and hat. So cool aren't they? And believe me, Newchic sells them with affordable prices and not forget to mention, the qualities are GREAT! My friends told me, the shoes that I wore from Newchic look like expensive shoes because of the quality is great and I admit it too. When I opened their website, I got confuse what to buy because they sell so many amazing stuffs that I thought I should bought them all hahaha.

Let's move to the explanation of what I wore. I wore black cropped t-shirt and paired it with ripped jeans (anyway, this is the first time I have ripped jeans haha). I can say this style is so edgy. Shoes, choker, and fedora hat from Newchic made my appearance much better and looks so 'wow' (like what my friends said) because I just wore plain t-shirt and jeans without those stuffs. Actually the cropped t-shirt was see-through cropped top (you can see the see-through on the below part of the t-shirt) but it wouldn't look 'wow' if I didn't pair it with stuffs from Newchic.

Maybe you're curious of what is my OOTD on this time. Click read more below these 3 photos to read further. Happy reading! :)

Vintage choker with owl picture on it. And oh, finally I have a fedora hat. Yuhuuu!

This choker looks so 'wow'

So in love with this shoes <3

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Event Report: Anna Sui S/S 2016 Launching Event

Hello fellas! Last March I attended Anna Sui Spring/Summer launching event. As usual, Anna Sui invited bloggers and people from media. They launched gel foundation primer, matte powder foundation, and cream cheek color (blush-on). The products are very unique as always. I always love Anna Sui beauty products because the packagings are very unique and the qualities are good. 

Anyway, I went there with my sister (not my real sibling, because we're close friends and she's older than me so I take her as my sister) named ci Amanda and met some of my blogger friends (Diras, Laura, kak Metha, etc). I also met new friends, but the only one person I remember her name, she is kak Brigida, I forgot the rest (sorry friends haha).

Gel Foundation Primer. The primer texture is like pudding and it won't fall if we rotate down. It also has spatula to help us to wear it. This primer only has 1 colour and it's available for all skin tone. The price is Rp 340.000,-

Cream Cheek Color. The blush on is also cute, it's like a travel stamp. I love the blush-on packaging the most. And besides of it has cute packaging, it's also easy to apply it on our face. It's available in 5 colours. The price is Rp 320.000,-

Matte Powder Foundation. This foundation is available in 7 colours. I got 101 light beige. This colour is suitable for my skin, not too bright, and not dark. It's also has SPF25 PA++. The price is Rp. 340.000,-

Another Anna Sui collections

Look at the lisptick's shape, it's a star! So cute <3

Me with Diras

Me with ci Amanda (she is a makeup artist and she just made a beauty blog, click here to visit her blog)

Me-ci Amanda-kak Metha

That's all about this event. Thanks for reading! :)