Tuesday, 27 October 2015

UU Hair Extentions

Today I'm going to post about UU Hair Extentions. UU Hair extentions is selling human hair extentions by online. I've been searching for hair extention because I get bored with my short hair and luckily I found this online shop :) With this hair extention, you can curl it, dye it, etc because it's human hair. The hair extention is long, so you can style your hair with this hair extention. It's pretty common nowadays to have hair extention, so it will be nice if you have short hair, wanting to have this long hair extention. It's a trusted online shop, believe me. Don't worry about the quality and the price, they sell it in high quality with low price.

They sell human hair extentions:
-28 inch hair weave
-And many others..

www.uuhairextensions.com is online human hair extensions shop. They sell various hair extensions with high quality but low price across the world. All their Hair extensions are made of 100% Human Hair without synthetic. uuhairextensions.com have provided thousands of customers with superior quality hair and meet their request about long thick hair.

Their Adventages
uuhairextensions.com team is devoting in offering customers 100% Indian remy human hair extensions with high quality on reasonable prices. They are enthusiastic about what they do, and aim to provide the most beautiful hair extensions to bring you greater charm. They ensure you that you can get what you have paid for.

They are dedicated to produce their hair extensions with the highest quality. Their products are easy to use and maintain and with the most natural looking. They use 100% virgin Brazilian & Indian remy human hair, which is with highest quality in the current market. Their experts have over 20 years experience in the hair extensions industry.

The reason why they can offer such competitive price is that their hair extensions come directly from the manufacturers that they cooperate with. They do not use third party sources. so they're are able to pass these savings to their customers. By their high quality hair extensions with competitive prices, they promise that you will be satisfied with their products. They are expecting for more cooperation with you.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

ORORI Gold Jewelry

Hi guys, how's your week? Today I'm going to post about ORORI gold jewelry online shop. Sorry for all my readers outside Indonesia, at this time I'm going to post it in Bahasa. They sell so many beautiful and amazing jewelry, include wedding ring. It makes me feel like wanna buy them all. Haha. The jewelry material is gold. Want to see more about ORORI jewelries (also my OOTD wearing their jewelries)? Let's click more to see it! :)

Nb: This was the very first time I wore glasses and minimalist make up on the photoshoot because I just went back from uni. Am I look like a fashionable geek? Haha (you'll know the answer after you click more this post) :D

Thursday, 15 October 2015

HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY (October 15th, 2014) and ANNOUNCEMENT


Today this blog is turning 1 year. Yuhuuu! I made this blog in October 15th, 2014. The result of one year blogging is getting around 21.500 viewers and 136 followers on GFC. And the highest number of my viewers per post is 400 viewers, OOTDINDO Gathering 2015. To be honest, I'm not satisfied with the viewers and followers that I get, but I'm so thankful that I reach that number. Massive thanks to you who be my readers and followers. I feel so blessed. I want to improve my blog, style, and include my English day by day, don't want to be so easy to satisfied with my achievement. It's kinda impossible for me to be a fashion blogger now when I see the old me. The old me is super geeky, have the poorest fashion taste, my old friends know it. Haha. So also massive thanks to God who makes me who I am today. I post my before-after OOTD photos and tell you what's the announcement below. Click read more to read and see further.

Sunday, 4 October 2015


Yesterday I joined an awesome event with my ootd (and blogger) friends. It's @ootdindo gathering event (check out their instagram). This was the second time they made a gathering. The event was super fun because I could meet a lot of awesome stylish people, and of course took many photos. It's like a reunion too for some of us. Me and my gang (or team? Whatever) agreed to wore monochrome outfit and evidently all my friends (beside my gang) also wore monochrome outfit too. Haha. At first, we could attend this event in full team (me, Stella, Diras, Sonya, Yoga, Kiko). But one day before the D-day, Stella told us that she couldn't join us. This was so sad but it's okay, we still had so much fun yesterday. On this event, there's exhange gift too. I got notes from Lulut (I post pict with her below). There's a game too but I didn't join because I was too lazy to played a game. haha. I finally met some of my friends that I had never met them in the real life, like Abil, Arissa, and Sry. I was so happy yesterday. I also took pictures with some quite famous blogger in Indonesia like Gaby, Chrisna, Lulut, Elisabeth (I post pictures with them below). And oh, the event was held at La Codefin Kemang. Before I went to Kemang, me, Kiko, Sonya, and Yoga went to Senayan City mall. It was our meeting point. Then after that, we directly went to Kemang. We were the first group who came to that gathering and almost be the latest group who left the gathering. Then, we went to Plaza Senayan Mall to took dinner. After had some fun talks, we went home. Luckily, I'm an extrovert now so it's not so tiring, I even slept at 1 am last night. Thanks to @ootdindo for this cool event!

Want to see more about my OOTD and my pictures with my friends? Click read more to see further :)

Rei-Michella-Cindy-Abil-Diras-Me-Kiko-Yoga-Grace-Madeleine-Sonya-Vero (from left to right)