Friday, 11 November 2016

Cool Outfits From Zaful

Hello fellas! First of all, I'm sorry for lack of post for these months. I've been super busy with my thesis because the deadline is coming really soon, it's like I can't even have time to take a breathe. Haha. In these super busy months, I declined all beauty events invitations (except an event on last month) (I even declined Jakarta Fashion Week invitation that I had waited for a year gosh), seldom go out from home and meet friends (fyi, I'm an extrovert), don't reply chats, and logged out almost all my social media (except Tumblr, YouTube, and Quora). It's like isolating myself from this world (you can imagine how doing thesis ruins my life). And to be honest, I'm currently having one of the darkest and hardest times in my life, but don't worry, I'm getting help from my lecturer and have a best friend who supports me a lot so I guess I'm okay now. I'm so sorry for all people whom I haven't replied your chats or emails because of all things that I just wrote above (blame my thesis the most). And sorry for disappearing from social media for more than a month (and I'm still not sure when I can go back to social media), I hope you don't unfollow my Instagram because I'll be back for sure. By writing this blog post, I want to make sure you know that I'm still alive HAHA because some people are questioning why do I disappear from social media.

Now, let's move to the topic as I have written in the title. This time blog post is about Zaful again. I love Zaful SO MUCH, that's why this is the second time I write a review about Zaful. For you who haven't read my blog post about Zaful, let me tell you what Zaful is. Zaful is an online shop who sells clothes, dresses, shoes, accessories, etc. I adore their products, they're so amazing! You should visit their website. And guess what, currently they're having a big magical promo up to 85% off. I know as a woman, we love promo so much haha. So this is the right time to do online shopping at Zaful. I believe you won't regret it. They're also have free worldwide shipping. Another thing that makes me satisfied with Zaful is my orders are quicker arrived in my house compares to many worldwide online shops (it took less than a month to be arrived at my house). The prices are so affordable too. I know the problem of do online shopping is many people are afraid the products aren't as same as the pictures in the website, but hey don't worry, even though Zaful has affordable prices, their products are as good as the pictures in their website. Their products even reach my expectation :)

You must be curious with what is the products that I ordered. I ordered a suspender leather skirt (first look) and faux suede skirt (second look). For the suspender leather skirt, I've never had that type of clothes, and what makes it unique is the material is from leather. For the skirt, I also have never had that color so that's why I chose it. I combined those clothes with a white long sleeve turtle neck and sneakers. I love these styles so much. Not too feminine, but not too boyish also. To see my OOTD, let's click read more.