Sunday, 20 September 2015

Searching for Someone

Hey everyone! To be honest, I have no idea what to write in this post. Hmm so because of I dunno what to write, I want to inform you that I need someone to help me to do my thesis (sorry this is out of topic). That's why I make the post title is "Searching for Someone", someone is not a boyfriend lol. I need 3 people that are willing to be interviewed by me. My thesis topic is about self-harm. What is self-harm? Self-harm is any behavior to cause pain or injury to oneself without intending to commit suicide. It's a behavior to hurting oneself. Self-harm can be cutting, scratching, burning, punching him/herself, etc. The criterias are (sorry I need to write it in Bahasa):
1. Perempuan dengan rentang usia 18-22 tahun.
2. Pernah melakukan self-harm dan sudah tidak lagi melakukan dalam 6 bulan terakhir.
3. Berdomisili di Jakarta dan sekitarnya.
4. Bersedia diwawancara (data dijamin kerahasiaannya).

If you/ your family/ your friend fulfill the criterias that I mention above, you can contact me at I do really appreciate your help. I would be so thankful if you help me. Don't be afraid or shy to contact me, I won't judge or bite :P

So to make you not disappointed about my post today, I'm going to share you a story (suddenly have an idea what to write lol). To read my story and see more about my OOTD, click read more :)

Have I told you that I changed my thesis method into qualitative? If not, I'm telling you right now haha. I ever mentioned that I'm doing my pre-thesis (in bahasa: proposal skripsi) on my previous post. At first, I chose quantitative method (which is I dislike it so much, not understand about it at all, and I have trauma in quantitative for some reasons). Then after I started to have thesis guidance with my lecturer, on the first time meeting, I changed my mind to chose qualitative method. Because since I made the proposal with the quantitative method, I was so anxious because I didn't understand anything for that method. So I told my lecturer about it and she approved it. I made the first chapter (qualitative) in 3 days only (FYI, I made the first chapter (quantitative) in few weeks (it took longer time than doing chaper 1 in qualitative method)). When I collected the chapter 1 (qualitative) to my lecturer, she said my chapter 1 is already okay, just need more systematic. I thank God for it haha. I've never thought that my proposal can be that okay. I thought I made a really bad proposal that need to be revised so many things (yes, I'm not confident in this area related with academic thing). So after I revised it, I become less anxious until now. Still get a little bit anxious but not that much anymore. I want to believe that I can do the proposal well. And of course, I want to give the best as much as I can. Let's see I can pass this subject or not (I'm quite optimistic though).

Sweater: Forever 21

Legging: H&M

Beanie: unbranded

Sneakers: Converse


  1. Good luck on your thesis !
    are you perhaps majoring in Psychology?
    I hope you find that person quickly. I don't like to hurt myself tehee.

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    thank you!
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  2. Cute sweater! Good luck for your thesis :D

  3. You look wonderful!, the beanie looks great on you! Good luck with your thesis! :)

    Recently I have started as a guest designer for a famous bag brand and my first design of a belt bag is out! <3 I would love to hear what you think about it! :)
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  4. Cute outfit, love the sweater!

    and wish you good luck!

  5. Oh, I love that sweater! You have a really nice blog, don't you want to follow for follow? :)
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  6. cute...
    kisses from dubai ♥

  7. cuteeee banget liv ini!!!! :) good luck your thesis yaaa :)

  8. You look so cute!

  9. Great outfit!

  10. good luck with your thesis! your legging is cute <3

    Pretty Messed Up

  11. And here I thought you were looking for a significant other! Totally wrong. Good luck on your thesis hun!


  12. The sweater is so cute!

  13. good luck with the thesis and liv just want to tell you i ever dealt with self-harming issue, just feel free to contact me if you need any help with it :))
    btw your legging looks so adorable <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  14. Such a pretty outfit, and i love how you styled it! Look very good in all of these outfits.

  15. Great outfit!

  16. fantastic post and pics my dear, love it!! :D xoxo

  17. Thanks darling :d It's a pleasure visit your blog :D

    Perfect sweater, Love it :D

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  18. You are so cute in this outfit!! Good Luck!! :)
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  19. Thanks a lot sweetie :D

    As I said, you look so comfortable :D

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  20. Nice outfit. Wish you good luch.
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  21. cute minnie top!!

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  24. So pretty dear!

  25. Lovely, dear. Great. I really like it. I have new post also, and will be hape if you see also. Keep in touch, pls. Big kiss

  26. Very cute outfit I really like your sweater:)

  27. Lovely outfit, dear (:

  28. Hi dear!
    I think you choose a great theme for your thesis. I know a lot of girls that practices a self-harm in a past, now I do not. And it will be great to find some way to help them.
    You look very cool dear. I like your blog, so I am your new follower on GFC!
    Hope we stay in touch


  29. Really cute and creative outfit, I love the color of your sweater <3

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  30. nice outfit, olivia.
    Good luck for your thesis.

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  31. awww. this is such a thoughtful topic. you will help a lot of people with this. good luck on your thesis. just strive and continue working, you'll get there :D

    Jessica |

  32. love your outfit very cute <3 goodluck with your thesis :)

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  33. Lovely outfit dear, I adore your cute sweater <3
    this is the first time I visit your blog, lovely blog <3

  34. Good luck! and I love your outfit
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  35. you look great ! :)
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  37. Great sweater! :)

  38. you look cute, specially with that beanie on :p

  39. Great outfit, looks good on you.

  40. Thanks a lot darling :D

    Have a perfect week :D

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  41. Good luck on your thesis darl! :)
    Sayangnya aku ga bisa untuk diwawancarai karena memang ga pernah melakukan hal itu and my surroundings, as I know ga ada yang pernah melakukan hal semacam itu :( so, ga bisa bantu lebih.
    Anyway, I'm following your blog and I am really glad if we can be virtual friend :)

    Marlia xx |

    1. Thanks a lot dear. It's okay, I really appreciate kemauan kamu untuk membantu :)

  42. Cute look^^

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  43. Sorry that I've never done any self harm, nor my families nor friends. But I do hope your thesis will be a good one, and God give you easy in everything you do. Go kak Oliv go!


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