Monday, 27 October 2014

Aglio Olio

Hi guys, now I'm going to blog about my favorite food, aglio olio. It's type of spaghetti. I always order aglio olio in every western restaurant because I like it so much. It's not too sweet but salted. I like salted food, and not so like sweet food (that's why I love dark chocolate and don't like candy). I tried aglio olio for the very first time on last year (2013), it's made by my friend on her birthday and it's the most delicious aglio olio ever. Don't be hungry after I post this. Haha. Here's my pictures of aglio olio:

At Moovina - Dolce & Mezzanine Plaza Indonesia

At Oh La La

At Pancious

At The Shore Grand Nikko Bali

At Locale 24 PIK

Home made by my friend

At Nanny's Pavillon Central Park

I forgot where this was.

After tried these aglio olio, I want to try more of it in another restaurants. That's all about aglio olio. I don't like cooking so I don't have recipe how to cook it.

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