Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Blue on Denim

About these photos, I celebrated my dad's birthday on a restaurant named Singapore Restaurant at Springhill Kemayoran. I really love the view because in front of the restaurant, there's a swimming pool and golf field. So nice isn't it? Since the view was so amazing, I took OOTD photos there. At this time OOTD, I wore denim on denim (my vest and my jeans), also my snapback and shoes were also blue colour. I'm not a blue lover, but this one was nice. I'm also in love with my hair colour in this OOTD. It looks like brown colour, but actually I dyed my hair purple. How come? Ask my hair. Haha.

For your information, this is a late post. If you're wondering why am I almost always post a late blog post, I have many OOTD photos and I commit to post it 1 per week so I have many queue posts. Why I don't post it few times in a week because I don't always take OOTD photos every week, so I'm afraid when I've already done posting all my OOTDs, I don't have anything to post on this blog until I take next time OOTD photos.

Anyway, my face in these photos looks quite weird. I guess my face didn't have mood for photos, when my body wanted to be captured. Haha. Okay, let's click more to see my more OOTD! :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Snapback Squad

I met up with my blogger gang on July (yes, this is a late post). I'f I'm not mistaken, we met up 1 or 2 weeks after we joined #runforstylevol02 OOTD competition (click here to read further about this competition). Because we got 3rd place on this competition, they gave us Debenhams shopping voucher Rp. 500.000 per person. So in this met up, we used the voucher (read: went shopping at Debenhams). We're so happy to get new free stuffs from this voucher. Yayy for us! :D

And oh, we took OOTD photos too (this is a must everytime we meet!). Want to see our OOTD? Let's click more below this photo! :)


Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Nowadays I'm kinda stress with everything. Want to read more about my story? Let's click read more to read it further! :)

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

(Almost) Jakarta Fashion Week 2016

So on last Friday, me, Diras, Sonya, Stella, Rei, Dinan wanted to watch Jakarta Fashion Week 2016. But because of the invitations are only 5 (which was only me that didn't get the invitation), we're all canceled our plan to watched JFW. Actually I almost got it. A friend of mine promised to give me an invitation, but at that day it's so difficult to contact her because she's so busy on the backstage. So yeah, I didn't get the invitation. This was so sad because I did really want to watched JFW, so I could post the fashion show review on blog and Instagram. All of my friends said it's okay that they didn't watch JFW because of me, but I still feel sooo guilty because of it, and I think I don't deserve their kindness. They're way too kind to me :') Okay, it's one of my flaws, I'm so easy to feel guilty of anything and I often think like "I'm a bad person so I don't deserve people's kindness". But nevermind, I'm always learning to think positive. It's such a blessing having friends like them. I love them all so much! <3

I post my OOTD on that day in this blog post, click read more to see it :)