Thursday, 6 November 2014

Jakarta Fashion Week 2015

Hi guys, guess what?? I went to Jakarta Fashion Week for the first time in forever. I'm so damn happy! I've never thought I would get the invitation. My friends gave me the invitation (she's studying fashion design at Bunka, fashion school where Tex Saverio has studied). So I went there with some of my friends. I watched Abineri Ang's fashion show from 2 pm until 4.30 pm. This event was held at Senayan City Mall. Later I'll post my OOTD pictures in the next post. I'm proud I could attend this prestigious event because not all people are invited. I like watching fashion show because I wish I could be a model, but nevermind, I will never be a model because I'm a little bit fat and not tall enough (so sad, right? But it's okay, I enjoy my fatness and shortness hahaha). I also like seeing those beautiful dresses worn by those gorgeous models. I wish I could be fashion designer, fashion blogger, and a model at the same time hahaha (too many big wishes). This will be a long post because I'm posting so many pictures here that I took on the show. Sorry some pictures are blur because I took those pictures with phone camera. Enjoy my pictures :))

This is the invitation :))


Sorry this is blur.

I like this dress, it's so pastel.

She's sooo cute <3

Don't forget to took a selfie :P

I love this dress

Sorry this is blur but I like that gorgeous dress, she dressed like this made her looked like a princess.

That western lady is sooo stunning.

Abineri Ang, fashion designer. I'm interested to join his fashion design class.

That's all about my story for this Jakarta Fashion Week 2015 and my pictures. I hope you like it ;)

Nb: Why it called JFW 2015, because it will be on trend on 2015.

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