Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Hi this is my first post. My post will be about fashion, beauty, and travel! But mostly my post will be about fashion :) 

I got inspired by some of fashion bloggers. I have passion in fashion, but I'm not studying major who have connection about fashion like fashion design or fashion business. Maybe when I graduate from university, I'll take some short course of fashion design. 

Some friends thought that I'm studying fashion design because I look fashionable. I let you know, actually I'm not fashionable. I can't mix and match clothes so well. My looks are inspired by fashion bloggers, not because I'm pro at mix and match clothes. 

Well, I started to love fashion since 2012. What makes me love fashion because I've followed some of fashion bloggers on Instagram and I like their looks and the way they mix and match their clothes. Then I started to take OOTD (outfit of the day) pictures since January 22, 2013. I know it's kinda late (since I've liked fashion), but at least finally I started to take OOTD pictures :) 

Why do I choose "The Purple Alien" as my blog's title because I like purple so damn much (you can say I'm a purple freak) and some of my friends call me alien (alien is my lovely nickname (in Bahasa: panggilan sayang) from my friends. I'm a proud alien lol. If you want to know why my friends call me alien, just ask me. I'm not going to tell you here :)

As long as I can, I'll write my blog in English, but if I don't know some words, I'll speak in Bahasa. Sorry if my English bad, I'm still learning. Enjoy my post :) You can comment my posts, I'll be so appreciate it. Thank you :)

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