She's known as Olivia Fabrianne, but usually people call her Oliv. She's 21 years old Chinese girl who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia. Some strangers thought that she's not Indonesian, some of them thought she's from Japan or Korea but actually she's totally a pure Chinese who lives in Indonesia. She's studying psychology in an university in Jakarta. She loves fashion and make up, cute and girly things, monochrome outfit, ribbon, dogs, Disney, purple and pastel colors so much. Actually she's a lil bit quiet person, but when she meets her close friends or talks about fashion or something that she likes, she can be so talkative (even with strangers). She always tries to be friendly with everyone include strangers because she really doesn't like unfriendly people. Her style can be any styles (can be street style, feminine style, boyish style, vintage style, casual style, etc) but mostly she wears chic monochrome outfit. 

She started to like fashion and took OOTD pictures since 2013. At the first time she liked fashion, she's inspired by some fashion bloggers who uploaded their OOTD pictures on Instagram. Then she uploaded her OOTD pictures on Instagram for the first time on January 22nd, 2013. She started to pour out her passion for fashion on this blog since October 15th, 2014. Many people don't believe she can be a fashion blogger now when they see the old her, but here's she is ;)

She takes pictures with Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Fujifilm X-A2 with F2.8 16-55mm lense. Her dream job is to be a fashion stylist or fashion editor on a big local or international fashion magazine. She also has a dream to study fashion after she graduates her bachelor of psychology. 

Most of all, she is a happy kid who blessed beyond measure. Don't be shy to call her when you meet her in the real life because she loves to make friends. One of the things that she likes the most is spend quality time with her friends and family, or with people who have the same passion like her (fashion). That's all about her. Hope you enjoy visiting this blog! :)


  1. Your fashion is amazing! <3

  2. please ci visit mine yah


  3. I found your blog when blog walking. It's nice to see your blog, very neat and simple. I'm studying psychology too, btw. Salam Kenal ^^



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