Saturday, 18 October 2014

Pink Barbie

At the time I bought this Barbie jacket, it's on trend. Am I look like Korean already? Lol no I'm just kidding (I know my joke isn't funny, I know it, you don't need to tell me haha). I'm not an Korean freak just so you know. I even not interested in K-pop. I only like Korean style (but not have intention to copy their style, even some people told me that my style (and face) a lilttle bit looks like Korean).

Actually this jacket's colour is pink. But because of my camera wasn't good enough, the colour is like a little bit pale. I love my bag so much, because it has ribbon. Yes, I like ribbon so much. That's why I have 2 bags that have ribbon (like my post before this, the purple one). Sorry if I wear the same shoes, I told ya before that I don't have many shoes (but I'm grateful at least I still have good shoes to wear). Okay enjoy my OOTD pictures guys :)

Jacket: Forever 21

Skirt: Somewhere (I forgot where did I buy this)

Shoes: Pedro

Bag: Carlo Rino

Glasses: Naughty (if I'm not mistaken, it's long time ago I bought this (also the skirt))


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