Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Random Things (1)

Why do I give title to this post "random things" because it's totally random haha. I combine these random photos into 1 post only because each of them are different photos and I only have 1-2 photos for each theme of photos. So better I combine it so it won't make my blog full of short post.

This is soap, beautiful isn't it? I got this from my senior after I filled her questionnaire (in Bahasa: kuesioner).

These beautiful handmade "swans" were made by my campus friend.

Manggo sticky rice from Bangkok Jam restaurant (Emporium Pluit Mall). It's so delicious.

Curry sausage rice from Coco Ichibanya Curry House restaurant in Grand Indonesia Mall. This is delicous too. I love curry. 

Chocolate Milkshake from Island Creamery (Kelapa Gading Mall). Look the flower is purple! This is the current book that I read, it's christian book. It's about how to be a Godly women while waiting for Mr. Right.

Thanks to my friend for took this photo. Actually the Starbucks drink was my friend's but I borrowed it just for took a picture. Lol. It's Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate.

That's all about my random post. Thanks for reading :)

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