Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Event and Product Review: Max Factor New Product Launching

Hello fellas! Two weeks ago I attended Max Factor products launching at Debenhams Senayan City. I was invited by Hawa Sister (which is I work as a writer there), thank you Hawa Sister! So, I met some of old and new friends. Even though I'm not really close with them, we had so much fun there.

So you must be wondering what products that Max Factor just launched, right? Okay, so now I'm letting you know; They launched Voluntuous FLE Mascara, Smokey Eye Drama Kit Eyeshadow, and Masterpiece High Precision Liquid Eyeliner. I'm going to speak half English and Bahasa because I confuse how to say some words in English.

If you want to see more photos, and (of course) the result of wearing the mascara and the explanation per products, let's continue reading by click "read more" below these two photo :)

My OOTD at that day. Will take some OOTD photos with this outfit soon.

Friends from Hawa Sister who attended this launching event.

Kak Wulan explained about the products that just launched

The MC

Ellen as a model and kak Wulan as a makeup artist was doing makeup demo

The result.

Let's talk about the mascara first. The mascara's brush shape is like a spiral, jadi maskara ini dapat melentikkan bulu mata kita dengan mudah dan efektif. Cara pemakaiannya pun berbeda dari maskara-maskara biasa pada umumnya. Jadi cara pakainya: dari ujung dalam bulu mata, diputar keatas menggunakan spiral brush tersebut. Dan tarraaaa! Dalam sekejap bulu mata kamu akan terlihat lentik. And one thing that I also love from this mascara is, maskara ini ga beleberan kebawah mata. Dulu, aku ga suka pake maskara karena dengar cerita teman-teman aku pas pakai bisa beleber kebawah mata dan juga ada maskara yang menggumpal dibulu mata. Makanya aku jarang banget pakai maskara, malah hampir ga pernah pakai kecuali kalo dimakeup-in sama makeup artist untuk special occasion. But after tried this mascara that just launched, aku jadi pengen pake maskara ini terus karena bulu mata jadi lentik banget. Bulu mata asliku turun gitu soalnya, so this mascara helps a lot to make my eyelashes look better. The price is IDR 189.000,-

Now it's time to talk about the eyeliner. This eyeliner is so unique. It's a liquid eyeliner but the brush's shape is flat (in Bahasa: gepeng/pipih) dan a little bit widen aproximately around 3 cm. So if we want to have thick eyeliner, you can wear it vertically, and if we want to have thin eyeliner we can wear it horizontally. The price is IDR 135.000,-

Let's move to the eyeshadow. As the eyeshadow name 'smokey', this eyeshadow is for smokey eyes. It's a palette with four colors on it. If we don't want to have smokey eyes, we can wear the light color. We also can wear the dark color for eyebrows. There're six palettes with different colors. This eyeshadow is also pigmented. The price is IDR 155.000,-

Thick side

Thin side (this is the same eyeliner like the photo above)

This is the result of wearing Voluptuous Mascara

See you in the next post! :)



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