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Product Review: ULTIMA II

Hello fellas! Today I'm going to make a review about ULTIMA II (yes, it's a beauty product). The products that I'm going to review are Delicate Crème Make Up and Delicate Translucent Face Powder With Moisturizer. The products that I got from ULTIMA II are Ivory, Peach, Buff (for Delicate Crème Make Up) and Pink Shell, Neutral (for Delicate Translucent Face Powder With Moisturizer). But I only tried Ivory and Neutral because it suits my skin color. For the rest products, I just swatch them on my wrist (I post the picture below). I didn't try Peach and Buff because they're too dark for my skin, and I also didn't try the Pink Shell because my skin is already a little bit pinkish.

Let's talk about Delicate Crème Make Up firstWhat's good from this compact foundation is it makes my skin looks radiant, because it's glowing from within compact foundation that covering imperfections with poreless finish. It's also contains collagen and has special formula so it can cover any flaws. This compact foundation is easy to blend too, so don't worry about it :) Delicate Crème Make Up is also suitable for those who love Korean make up because it has glowing effect. When I wear that foundation, it covers my "Panda eyes" and my acne scars perfectly, it's medium to full coverage. There're six shades available: Ivory, Bisque, Peach, Buff, Beige, Ochre. The price is Rp. 200.000,-

Now let's move to Delicate Translucent Face Powder With Moisturizer. This Delicate Translucent Face Powder With Moisturizer's positioning is "Dynamic Duo" infused with soluble collagen powder. This Powder is a perfect pair to Delicate Crème Make Up to disguise flaws and hide fine lines with moisturizing the skin and imparts the healthy radiant glow. It coats skin perfectly with a thin layer, disguises flaws, and hides fine lines through optical illusions created by micro shimmers in the powder. The packaging system has "dispenser mechanism" which makes it easier to dispense powder economically. It's designed precisely to enhance the final result of the radiant make up naturally. Delicate Translucent Face Powder With Moisturizer is available in 5 color options that are suitable for Asian women's skin color in general. The price is Rp. 165.000,-

So to sum up about these two products, we can call it "Dynamic Duo". The products are glowing from within healthy radiant skin with the right technique imparted by Delicate Crème Make Up and Delicate Loose Powder.

You can find ULTIMA II at Matahari Department Store, AEON BSD, METRO Department Store, Centro Department Store, Parkson’s, SOGO Department Store, Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus, Pasaraya Grande, Cahaya Bintaro, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, Star Summarecon Bekas, and for online is at So it's so easy to find this. I personally love the products and it's so useful for my not flawless skin (I have many acne scars) because it can cover my acnes scars. You won’t regret spending your money to buy ULTIMA II products because the prices are affordable and it didn’t cause acnes. I have sensitive skin so I often got big acne if I put make up on my face. But after trying these foundation and powder, I don’t get acne at all. Amazing isn’t it?

To apply the product: tap and press the areas, don't drag the puff.

Delicate Crème Make Up. (from above to below) Buff-Peach-Ivory

Delicate Translucent Face Powder With Moisturizer. Pink Shell (above) and Neutral (below)

(From left to right) Ivory-Peach-Buff

I put the powder on my right hand. It's Neutral.

I put the powder on the left hand (it's my friend's hand actually). It's Pink Shell.



Travel friendly
Don't cause acnes
Can cover my acnes and "panda eyes"

The powder is a little bit difficult to use because it's too compact
The foundation isn't really suitable for oily skin

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go buy ULTIMA II!

Nb: I didn't edit and put the filter to these photos at all, so they're original. Thanks to my friend, Amanda, for did make up to my face and for took the photos.



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  3. Beautiful shades and what a great makeup!!
    I love the before and after, awesome!

  4. Wow, the coverage level is so great right? I recently only wear Korean cosmetics, think I should move on ya, hahaha :) Nice post Olivia :)




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  9. Cute outfit and makeup.
    I love the review!!! Also i love your flat lay! Its too cute!

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