Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Monochrome Not Monochrome Outfit

Hello fellas! First of all, I want to say thanks for being my loyal reader even though lately I'm late to publish a new blog post (it's even only 3 blog post in April, I'm sorry). As I said before (on my previous blog post), I'm so busy with my thesis (which is the deadline is in June but I still got two more chapter to make). I don't know I'll be finished my thesis on time or not. I need motivation to do it, and thanks to my bestie, Lucy whom gave me a gift to motivate me to finish my thesis (so sweet of you, Luce).

Anyway, I have something to tell you. I've officially become a writer on HAWA since April. It's an Indonesian application about woman's health, beauty, and fashion. So if you're an Indonesian woman, I suggest you to download the application because you can get many tips about health, beauty, and fashion, and maybe you even will get inspiration from there. Trust me, you won't regret downloading HAWA application. My article will be published every Wednesday on 2nd and 4th week :)

So, let's move to the explanation of my outfit for this blog post. I wore infinity scarf, cropped top, pencil skirt, and cardigan with pointed flat shoes. My cropped top was so plain even though it had polkadots on it (if I didn't pair it with cardigan, it would look like pajama maybe because of the colour and material). And because the weather was quite hot at that time, I rolled up the cardigan's sleeves, and it  made my outfit looked better than without I rolled the sleeves. And oh, because of most of what I wore in this time were monochrome, I wore that pink cropped top to made it more colorful. I wore that outfit to Church, so I didn't wear high heels because it would only make my outfit was too much for Church. In my opinion, that silver shoes already had been enough to made my look looked better.

Curious with my look? Let's click read more (the button is below the 4th photo) :)

Scarf: H&M

Cropped top: H&M

Pencil skirt: H&M

Cardigan: Cotton On

Shoes: @tututoeid

Bag: Michael Kors


  1. great combo dear,i like your outfit..you are so nice

  2. you look gorgeous Olivia lovely post and outfit i do hope you get to finish your thesis on time all the best

  3. Honestly, your scarf is such a catch! I love your scarfffff

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  4. Actually, I fall in love with your shoes. Those shoes are giving you a great longer legs dimension.

    Margareta Vania
    Fashion Blogger

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  5. love how you mixed all the different prints! especially the houndstooth skirt! :)

    Metallic Paws

  6. OOOOOOOHHH! THIS IS SO OLD PICTURE! that bang thou!!
    thankyou for mentioned me on your blog post! I really, really glad you like that pooh! hope it can being you thesis companion haha! GANBATTE!

    p.s. congrats for becoming HAWA writer! congrats for getting out of your comfort zone for the 123456778 times! haha

    I have made a review about Dresslink Clothing pls check my blog out!
    Greeting from Indonesia,

    1. it can bring your joy as if he's your thesis companion*** sorry bad grammar

  7. Scarf ny bagus bngt ♡

    I invited you to join my beauty giveaway
    Hope you can join♡



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