Monday, 25 April 2016

Blogger Report: Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

Hello fellas! First of all, I want to say sorry for this late post. My schedule was to publish this post on last Thursday (usually I publish a new blog post once in a week), but it's been few days late to post it. I've been so busy lately. Busy because of my thesis. Why did I don't post it on March right after this event, because I had many queue posts at that time. So yeah, here I am now making this post.

As it's written on the title, I want to make a blogger report about Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2016. I was so glad to watch this show for the very first time. Thanks ci Felicia for the invitation. I also met kak Dee and kak Zsa, and new friend, Sonia, we watched this show together.

On this Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week, I watched Harper's Bazaar fashion show with the theme "Asia Newgen Fashion Award". It was a grand final show for 10 young Indonesian designers (yes, it's a competition). They are so talented. Each person has different theme for their designs. Let's click read more (below the 5th picture) to see their masterpieces.

Sorry for didn't blur the background because so many pictures that I post here and it would take much time to edit these pictures (ah I wish I had a personal photographer). Okay, that's all my report about Harper's Bazaar fashion show. Hope you enjoy reading this blog post! :)

Top: Unbranded

Leather pants: The Editor's Market

Plaid shirt: Berskha

Boots: H&M


  1. You're so lucky can attend that event. It's look fun

    xoxo, Kartika♥


  2. Ah lucky you, i've got an invitation but i can't :(

    Monochrome Diary


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