Sunday, 9 November 2014

My OOTD on Jakarta Fashion Week

Today I'm gonna post my OOTD pictures on Jakarta Fashion Week 2015. I call it vintage look because it's so vintage indeed. I've begun to like vintage so much since I became a fans of kak Claradevi (Lucedale), because her style is so vintage. I met ci Anastasia Siantar and Virzha idol too there (I post my picture with them below). Oh ya, some people from media ( and took my OOTD pictures for their websites (sadly, none of them are from ootdindo, but I'm still so proud of it haha).

I was shock but happy when they asked me to took pictures of me.

With my fashion blogger friend, Lucy.

My friend took me this picture in hurry. Sorry it's too dark.

I don't know why, I love this picture <3


With Vicky and Lucy (call her Lilshe).

With Vicky, Yessica, Diana.

Plus Michelle, I just knew her in this event. She's Yessica's friend.

Look whom I met?! Yes she's Anastasia Siantar (top fashion blogger in Indonesia). So glad to met her again for the second time :))

And I met Virzha Idol.

Dress and blazer: Thrift shop Pasar Baru
Heels: The Little Things She Needs
Clutch: Odioli

Okayyy that's all my OOTD pictures :))


  1. Hey! I arrived via your friend's blog! :) Your outfits were both wonderful! And it's so cool you met Anastasia Siantar (for the second time! OMG)! <3

    Would you like to follow each other? Xox let me know here and here (optionally)

    1. Aww thanks :D ikr, that's why I was so happy to met her again. Actually I met her again for the third time last week but I didn't take a picture. Sure, I've followed you already. Don't forget to follow me back :)

  2. hiii!! so nice to know you here on internet x) you have nice style, keep it up! i hope i can go to JFW this year, wish me luck! haha.. well see you later :)



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