Sunday, 10 January 2016

Birthday Wishlist

Finally the second best month of the year is coming! For your information, January is my birthday month. Since I have some things that I want for my birthday, I'd like to post it here my birthday wishlist (who knows you want to buy these things for me :P). And oh, don't feel like it's a must to buy me present. It's okay if you don't give me present even if you're my closest friends, I still love you anyway :) Actually I already got my birthday (plus christmas) present from my parents. And I wanna tell you the things that you should not buy it for me:
1. Doll. I have allergic with dust but I love doll so much actually (it seems like I can't move on from my childhood) :(
2. Wallet. Because I just got it from my parents.
3. Imitation bag or shoes. Not because of the quality of the bag or shoes, but I just don't like wearing those imitation things.
4. Purple, yellow, red, green, orange (all bold colours) clothes. I DON'T like bold colours (I like monochrome and pastel colours). I DO like purple so much (all my friends know it), but not for clothes.
5. Books. I'm interested with books, but I have almost never finished reading them.
6. Unbranded make up kit. I don't dare wearing unbranded make up kit because I'm afraid they're not good for my skin plus I have sensitive skin also.
7. Lipstick. I have sooo many lipsticks already with different colours, you name it.
8. Watches. I have a watches that I really love and the condition is still so good. But if you want to buy me Daniel Wellington watches is okay but don't buy the leather one because my DW's watches is leather.
9. Really short crop top or pants or skirt.

Let me tell you some things that I love or I need:
1. I love pink and purple, or pastel colour. I also love black and white for sure.
2. I love cute, girly, cool things.
3. I love vintage.
4. I love see-through skirt or top.
5. I love crop top but not so short.
6. I need cute (can be vintage) pajangan for my study desk (example: fake flowers with it's pot), but not the big one.
7. I love statement necklace or earings or ring.
8. I need fashion dictionary (but I dunno where to buy it).
9. I love floral pattern and flower so much.
10. I love ribbon so much.
11. I want leather or denim jacket and ripped jeans since long time ago but they're so expensive :(
12. I love high heels, platform shoes, and sneakers.
13. I need fedora hat but not the-really-big-one.
14. I love meaningful present <3

Bust : 82 cm
Waist: 68 cm
Hip: 89 cm
Foot size: 25,5 cm
(in case someone wants to give me clothes or shoes lol)

And here's my birthday wishlist: (this is not a must to buy it from H&M or Forever 21 (if you guys want to give me present), you can buy me present anywhere haha)

(From H&M):
*If you want to buy me pants or skirt, I suggest you to bring me to the shop because I'm afraid it won't fit on me because I have big hips and thighs.
Rp 399.900

Rp 129.900 (it's a ring)

Rp 599.900

Rp 599.900

Rp 129.900

Rp 349.900


Rp 399.900

Rp 599.900

Rp. 599.900

(From Forever 21):

Denim jacket (NOT the dress).

Leather jacket (NOT the shirt).

This is from @tututoeid:

That's all my birthday wishlist. Thanks for reading :)


  1. I love the black pencil skirt. Advance happy birthday, hope you get this wishlist come true!

    The Flower Duet

  2. Liiiivvv this's really great post hahhaa :D we'll know what you like and what you dont like :) anyway great selection liv love that flower top :)

    Sonya Thaniya
    read my new post on :

  3. Nice wishlist! Thanks for sharing) Have a great day))

  4. Harus banget yang ditunjukin sekalian gambar outfit yang diinginkan :D
    Aku mestinya bikin kayak ginian juga ya bulan kemarin.. nggak kepikiran... T_T
    Anyway, Happy belated birthday <3

    Take care, See you when I see you
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

    1. Belum Zun, belum ultah haha masih 2 minggu lagi. Thanks anyway Zuna :)

  5. Ahhh Oliv your wishlist are gorgeous and good pick! Anyway, h&m's sunnies i've already have this one, but unfortunatelly i sold this on carousell :(
    Can't wait for your birthday lunch recently <3


    1. Thank you Kiko! It's too late ya :') Can't wait to see you Kiko! <3

  6. good choices oliv! i've always wanted a ripped jeans but they're just too expensive i could die lol

    Pretty Messed Up | NEW POST

  7. cute wishlist, at least now i get to know you more eh? :D

    cheer, michelle ~

  8. Black pencil skirt is my favourite :) beautiful stuff you chosen :)


  9. great choices. Hope you get all of 'em. :)
    keep in touch!

  10. The dresses are soooo cute!!<3


  11. Black dress is so nice...
    Regards from Italy,

  12. This is a fantastic Wishlist! I want it all! :D

    Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other? Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back. ;)
    My blog "Demilla". Welcome!

  13. What a lovely selection, great jeans and skirts!


  14. great choices! hope you get all of them!

  15. Darling, it’s such a lovely and beautiful post! Can’t wait to see the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  16. This was so fun to read! Great list, hope you get everything!


  17. Great Post!

    I like your wishlist!

    Have a nice weekend!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  18. good post!))

  19. Lovely ! It's cool you seem to have really a clear idea about what you want and what you do not want ! I have a similar temper, I am pretty sure about what I like and dislike =) Kisses and hope you get what you wish for !

    Fashion and Cookies - fashion & beauty blog

  20. I love the New York City sweater and hope you had a great birthday! :) xx

  21. nice picks

  22. Ahahah you're so funny, dear :D
    Thanks a lot!

    Ohn, love all articles. I really want this sweaters :D
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