Wednesday, 10 August 2016

UNYUShirts! X Olivia Fabrianne

Hello fellas! As it is written on the title in this blog post, today I want to make a review about UNYUShirts! (click the link to see their Instagram), we can call it as Unyu Shirts. I have been so interested to have my own Chibi design since the first time I saw this local brand because who can resist it's cuteness? The first time I had UNYUShirts! was in 2013, and I still have it on my closet but I had a different appearance at that time so the Chibi (picture in UNYUShirts! t-shirt) also changed.

Anyway, about this t-shirt, UNYUShirts! is not a mass-production, but exclusively made by custom.  This local brand is different than another online shop, because we can choose and make request like we want. We can choose long sleeve or short sleeve (not sleeveless). The neck is also can be V-neck too. But if you want long sleeve, it'd be charged 15K IDR more, and for V-neck 10K IDR more. The sizes are S, M, ML, L but you can add more size into XL (charged 10K IDR), XXL (charged 15K IDR), and XXXL (charged 20K IDR). And oh, they also have kids type too. The price is also affordable too, so don't worry about it. They have many colors like pink, blue, yellow, grey, white, etc (total 15 colors). The fabric is also soft, I promise you will like it. For further details, kindly contact them by line: unyushirtsid, they will send you the size chart and the colors' option. And oh, UNYUShirts! also has vision to support local brand from Indonesia so if you admit you love Indonesia, let's go buy UNYUShirts! Hahaha.

Nb: I post my OOTD below, so keep reading by click 'read more' :)

So now let me tell you the process of buying this t-shirt. First, I gave them my picture to be drew. Then they sent me the sketch. After I approved it, they did basic coloring and they sent me the picture. After I approved again, they did final touch (as you can see in the third picture below this). The final result was different than basic coloring, they made this chibi looked more alive in the final touch. Then I told them about my size, the color that I want, and I told them that I want a long sleeve one (you should tell them if you want long sleeve because the standard is short sleeve), but it doesn't matter if you tell all of them before you send your picture. After that, they printed the Chibi design on the t-shirt, and they sent me the package. We can get free wallpaper of our Chibi too. So interesting, isn't it? :D

And now let's talk about my OOTD. Who says long sleeve t-shirt couldn't make you look fashionable and feminine? I want to add feminine touch for today's outfit so I wear more pink color in this OOTD. Feminine, yet casual. I pair this UNYUShirts! with long vest (that I can make it as a dress too), skinny jeans that I rolled up a lil bit, and white sneakers. So to make my sneakers isn't the only white, I wear white headband too. And oh, I rolled up my UNYUShirts!' sleeve. 

Here's the package (not include this name card haha)

Look at this cool box <3

And taraaaa here's the t-shirt. As good as my expectation.

Long sleeve t-shirt: @UNYUshirts

Vest: Gaudi

Pants: H&M

Sneakers: Adidas


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