Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Indonesia Fashion Week 2015

On last Saturday (February 28th, 2015) I went to Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) to watched Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2015 with my friends, Lucy and Yessica. Same like Jakarta Fashion Week last year, I got the invitation from my friend, Yessica because her school is at Bunka (fashion design school). So we watched Bunka's fashion show at that day. We arrived at JCC around 12 pm, then me and Lucy separated with Yessica just for a moment because Yessica was waiting for her friend. Then me and Lucy did window shopping, we looked at so many booths and I was looking for Chiel's booth. After around 30 minutes-1 hour finally I found the booth accidentally. Before we went to JCC, I stalked chiel's Instagram so I had already choosen which shoes that I wanted to buy. If I'm not mistaken, the price of this shoes is around 400k, not so cheap but not so expensive too. The shoes are so unique, I have the picture when I tried the shoes. I'm going to post it below, just scroll down this post. The fashion show started around 2.30 pm and finished at 3 pm. Actually Yessica had 2 VIP invitations, but because we came there in 3 of us (read in Bahasa: datang bertiga, lol, I dunno how to speak in English), so it's not fair if 2 of us used 2 VIP invitations, and 1 person didn't use the VIP invitation. So we just used the regular invitation, and the VIP intivations were useless. We can't be selfish with our friends, right? :) Then me and Lucy took so many OOTD pictures for our blog. I took pictures of Lucy, and Lucy took pictures of me. Thanks Lucy for taking me pictures patiently (because I wanted to got perfect pictures, yes, I'm a perfectionist). Lucy's blog: lilshelullabies.blogspot.com. Let's take a look of my pictures :)


I wanted to make a sharp face but it failed lol.

I like this picture the most. The light was exactly above me and my friend, and eveybody behind us backs us, cool isn't it?

I tried Chiel shoes. The shoes are so unique. I like it so much :)

1 day before IFW, I bought this pink heels. So nice isn't it? At first I wasn't recognize the shoes in the shop because I fell in love with another shoes but the stock of that shoes just only in the display so I canceled to buy it, but then my friend recommended me to bought this shoes because it's so cute, then I tried this shoes and it suits on me so I bought this. The right on is Chiel shoes, so unique isn't it?

Out of topic, these are shoes that I have (not include flat shoes that I use to wear for uni).

Because smiling while taking selfies is too mainstream. Pardon for my beauty :P

In the middle of crowd.

Me with my friends, Lucy and Yessica (we call her Iis)

After we satisfied taking pictures, we went back from JCC to Pantai Mutiara (Jetski Cafe/North Bazaar). There's bazaar there and some top fashion bloggers sold their preloved stuffs. I didn't buy anything from their preloved stuffs, but I bought one skirt there from a booth (I don't have a picture of that skirt). I also ate Kelasi (ice cream with coconut), and Lucy ate ice cream. Then after that we took some pictures there beside the sea (you can see my pictures below), and we bought cotton candies. Then I took picture with ci Olivia Lazuardy (again, I post it below) and had a small-talk with ci Michelle Hendra (a top Indonesian fashion blogger too). They're so friendly. I'm so glad ci Michelle remembered me, we've met for 4 times. Sadly, I didn't meet ci Anaz Siantar because she watched a fashion show at somewhere with ci Sonia Eryka. I went home around 6 pm that day. That's all my story about last saturday. 

This is my friend's ice cream, I've never tried this (until now), just borrowed it for taking a picture haha.

I just knew that cotton candy can be melting when it strucks with the wind. So my hands was full of melted cotton candy and it's so sticky --"

North Bazaar at Jetski Cafe

Eventough this picture isn't clear, I like this because of the sunset and my pose <3

Met ci Olivia Lazuardy, a top Indonesian fashion blogger, for the second time :))

Beanie: @geejewelry (if I'm not mistaken)

Ring: @lunarcult

Shirt: Forever 21

Long sleeve t-shirt: Forever 21

Skirt: Pull and Bear

Shoes: Top Shop

Bag: Carlo Rino


  1. cool outfit dear and very nice pics

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  5. ah kita ga ketemu di ifw! anyway followed ya :)


    1. Ah iya nihh :( next time deh meet up aja kita kalo ada event fashion lagi hihi :3

  6. Amazing photorelation ♥

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  12. what a fabulous event!! and that outfit is so stylish!! perfect for the fashion week shows!

    Animated Confessions

  13. OMG look at that beanie ! <3 UBER LOVE! Hehe!

    Looks that you had great day ! I missed this event because I had exam for my last grade on senior high school. so saad ! :(


    1. I'm in love with this beanie too! haha. Indeed! Sorry to hear that dear :( Let's come again next year :))

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