Tuesday, 6 January 2015


If you read my blog from the first time I blog until now, so finally I'm going to post my newer photos in 2014. Before this, I posted my old photos first, then here's newer pictures because it's new year!

Because it's still in new year atmosphere, I want to summarize my 2014:

1. Went to Singapore with my mom. This was for the first time in my life I took care of everything there (imigration, go to hospital for my mom's medical check up, check-in hotel etc) because my mom can't speak English.

2. Had birthday dinner with my loveliest friends.

4. First time had my own lipstick.

3. Join Celebrity Fitness as a member gym.

4. Join Runway with Asia's Next Top Model 2014 (I did catwalk)

5. May 19th is the begining of my recovery for my addiction (NOT alcohol, drugs, or smoking).

6. Went to Bali for almost 2 weeks for vacation with my beloved family.

7. First time participate in president election in my country, Indonesia.

8. Made an instagram account for quotes that I made, @livetobless.

9. Went to Puncak in the same month I went to Bali.

10. Reunion with my John Robert Power friends.

11. Got my short hair cut. 

12. Joined modelling class at my campus.

13. Attended 5 of my friends' wedding party (for the first time in forever I have friends who are married).

14. Got my left ear pierced.

15. Watched Israel Houghton and New Breed's Concert.

16. Got my hair highlighted (red colour).

17. October 15th is the special day, because I made this fashion blog for the first time since long time ago I've liked fashion.

18. First time attended fashion event and won the best dressed chosen by kak Claradevi :) And oh, also I got chances to talked and took pictures with top fashion bloggers in Indonesia (ci Anaz Siantar, kak Claradevi, ci Michelle Hendra, ci Olivia Lazuardy, Veren Lee.

19. Got Samsung Galaxy Note 4 before it launched in Indonesia.

20. Bought some clothes at thrift shop at Pasar Baru for the first time.

21. First time attended Jakarta Fashion Week 2015.

22. First time got featured by some medias when I attended Jakarta Fashion Week 2015.

23. Join transparent clutch workshop with ci Sonia Eryka and kak Claradevi and took some pictures with ci Sonia Eryka, kak Claradevi, ci Michelle Hendra, ci Paula (sadly I didn't take picture with ci Anaz).

24. Won OOTD competition held by blibli.com.

25. Chosen as a finalist for OOTD competition held by Traffique Fest.

26. Reunion with my church community in Malaysia (they came to Indonesia).

27. First time got endorsed.

28. Attended christmas celebration at my church for the first time since I was teenager.

29. Christmas dinner with some loveliest friends for 3 times only.

30. Sleep over with best friends for 1 night.

31. Celebrate new year eve together with some friends.

That's all my 2014's highlights. How about you?

I love soft pink color. It suits me a lot! And also I really love the ribbon on my bag <3 Yes, I'm too feminine I guess.

This is the first time (I guess) I wore fashionable outfit in my church and I made everybody shock with my appearance. And right after I took these pictures, I just made this blog. As time goes by, my passion in fashion grows up. I like fashion from 2013, since then, I've made a big change for my appearance. Everyone shocked at first, why I can be this fashionable because the old me is (you can say) quite nerd. I love my "big change" because finally I've found what I really like. Many people spend a lot of money in food, but not for me. I spend a lot of money in fashion things like clothes, bags, and shoes. I personally really like feminine and vintage style. But because of I don't have many vintage clothes, I often wear feminine outfit. But I don't have limit for my appearance, sometimes my appearance can be boyish look too. I named this post "perfection" because for me, this outfit is perfect. I really love this outfit :)

Blazer: Stradivarius

Top: Carla

Pants: Matahari

Bag: Carlo Rino

Shoes: Grinitty

October, 2014


  1. I love your outfit: so pretty! Those soft pink shades really do suit you! :) Love your shoes and trousers, too. x

    Cloudy Dreams

  2. love the colours!
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  3. hi dear,very nice outfit..so romantic and classy at the same time..i love pink and you pants are beautiful..
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    1. Thank you :) What is your blog's URL? I'd like to follow you back.

  4. I love that color! You're beautiful! Followed your blog :)


  5. Nice photos ! I love it ♥

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  7. You look cute! (:

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  11. wow, I guess so much things happened at 2014 for you :O I mean, it's awesome!
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  12. You look gorgeous in your outfit, the colors just matched together and your trousers prints is <3


  13. Lovely outfit! I especially like your bag <3

    Deasy Tantra

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  15. you prety nice spot,,and like ur style...simple and casual...

  16. Reading your highlights make me insipired :) cool!♥ let's do more


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