Monday, 1 June 2015

If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it!

Read my caption below :)

I found that haters will always judge us no matter how right we are. The thing is, how do we respond to their judgment. Will it brings us down and make us falling into self-pity? Or we just don't care about their judgment and continue our lives without care about what they think of us? The choice is yours. I learn so much to don't care about people's judgment. It will be so tiring if we care about what people think of us. Haters is always gonna hate us, and always try to bring us down. Let our haters bring out the best of us, not the worst. Keep being good to them. It doesn't mean you're a hypocrite, but it means you're showing them love. You forgive them, so you're being good to them, no matter how bad they are toward you. And oh, we can't please people and don't try to win people's approval. For when we try it, believe me, it will end up with disappointment. Because we don't live for it. Think about this: they don't take care of us, don't feed us, don't buy us clothes, don't pay our tuition, and they're just nothing to us, etc so why do we care about what they think (and say) of us? We still have God and many people (our family and best friends or friends) who don't hate us and always support us, so why do we focus on a few people who hate us? It doesn't make sense, right? :)

Of course you don't want your haters win, right? What you should do is don't let their words bring you down. You just need to show them that you don't care about what they do and say to us, what they do is nothing to bring you down, and make vice versa from their judgment. For example, people judge you that you're stupid, then you show them you're not like that by studying harder and get better grades. Show them that you're not like what they judge you. But if you can't show them, just simply don't care about what they think of you. You also need to build your confidence. So when people try to bring you down, you won't get down because you have enough confidence. When you wake up, talk to yourself in front of mirror that you are worth it, beautiful, smart, useful, loved, etc. Maybe it can help to build up your confidence. If you're christian, try to confess some verses that can help you. For example Isaiah 43:4 or about people's approval Galatians 1:10. Of course if you confess 1 time only it doesn't work. You need to confess it hundred times, everytime you start to overthink, always confess verses or some words that can bring you up. And know your strength, I mean you need to know the good things in yourself. For example, you can play music, you love helping people, you can drawing well, you're smart at mathematic (or whatever), you like cooking, you have a soft heart, you always make people laugh, you forgive people easily, you're a honest person, etc. Focus on the good things that you have, not the bad things. Nobody's perfect. Even top runway models aren't perfect. Everybody can make mistakes and it's okay not to be perfect. People who judge you when you make mistakes don't remember that they can do mistakes too, even they do mistake when they judge you. I want to tell you something: People who are difficult to be loved by you or others (because they often hurt your heart or etc), usually need love the most. So be kind to one another, show people more love even they always try to bring you down.

Also I learn that when you're angry or dislike someone, don't type it on social media. Don't write any status about it or it will be a boomerang for yourself. Because quipping someone won't solve your problem, never! It even can make your relationship with that person becomes worse, or even worst. Try to make peace with others, it will be much better than quipping people on social media. If you don't have anything good to say, don't say it! It will hurt people anyway or even it will back to hurt yourself (become a boomerang).

T-shirt: Stradivarius

Shirt: Cache Cache

Jeans: Lee Cooper

Bag: Bonia

Shoes: Vans

Watches: Daniel Wellington


  1. Haters are going to hate! Place on some oversized shades to block the haters. Great post! Thanks for sharing and feel free to visit to learn more about amazing eyewear.

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  2. Love this whole denim on denim look! Haven't tried that yet, but looking at you, now I want to wear this, too!

    Have a wonderful week, sweetie!


  3. clean denim, love that watch and style :)

  4. Taylor Swift says ; Haters are gonna hate hate hate hate ;p
    I actually don't have any haters (since im not a celebrity/famous person lol;_;) but there's those boys that keep badmouthing me...ugh...they always told me that my style is alay or kampungan but well, I don't want to listen to advice from people that know nothing but only how to hurt other's heart lol
    Those people don't deserve anything but a prayer, let's pray for them to get a life sooner or later !;D

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  5. no time for haters :) just loads of love :)
    kisses from dubai ♥

  6. I love the vans! The way you took the pictures
    is great!


  7. Great post!

    Looks very nice!

    xoxo Jacqueline

  8. cute outfit! let the haters hate, just do your thing!

  9. Aw! You look so lovely. I like your bag and your outfits very cute.
    Just do your best and ignore those who hate you.

  10. ini sukaaaa style nya asyik banget liv :)

  11. Wow it actually ends up pretty beautiful and cool!


  12. Loving this outfit! x

  13. Great look and post. Thanks for visiting my blog, dear. Keep in touch, pls. Big kiss

  14. Great post! I loved your post tittle, I feel the same way! :D

  15. You look marvelous doll, I really love these soft colors on you, so beautiful.

  16. Love your shoes! You have an amazing style! Really looking forward to your next post!

  17. Haters are your biggest fans darling:)
    Anyway love ur look! Simple yet fab<3

    Check out mine?

  18. So in love with your casual denim on denim look!
    Very nice blog by the way :)

    Kisses from Russia,

  19. Love the title so funny, love the casual outfit ;)

    Bisous from France,
    *-* Sand *-*

  20. I love your blog! You so beautiful, looks the best!

  21. Yes, i agree with you. Haters gonna hate. They're just too insecure and jealous that they all they want to do is backstab and judge you. Anyway, i love your denim on denim outfit! You look pretty! Don't mind those haters! Just mind your own business that will make you happier :)

    Have a great day!


  22. Nice :) Enjoy the weekend!

  23. I do agree with your thoughts here, aaa oliv you embrace me with your kindest and honest words :')

    and actually i did write a status if i dislike people's behaviour (who judge me so easily, i know im wrong but i never make it clear who is the person (i mean his/her behaviour who i dislike). only make status about how i get so disappointed with them

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  24. Nice inspirations!!

  25. Love your denim and nice casual outfit!

  26. you're absolutely love sweetie! We must never worry too much about what others think...those that we love and who love us in return, genuine relationship---that is what matters in life.

    We simply can't afford to worry too much about what everyone thinks, better to concentrate on real people in our life.

    you look dreamy in this denim on denim look!!

    awesome styling!!!!!!!!

  27. Perfect denim x denim outfit! Love the whole look :)

  28. couldn't agree more with your thoughts there :D
    haters gonna hate dear so you just gotta shake it off lol #tswift
    great look btw, love it tons <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  29. NENG CAKEP BENER NENG, sini yuk ikut abang dangdutan

  30. sukaaa full denimnyaaa<3


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