Monday, 27 April 2015

Love You, Miss You, and Good Bye, Mikey....

Have you ever felt losing someone that you really love? I just lost my dog. He not losts actually but my family gave him to a dog's trainer, which is now he lives in a dog's shelter. If in this 1 month nobody wants to adopt him, that dog's trainer will take care of him. Mike lived for almost 7 years in my house. He's a part of my life. I love him so much. He's my family. The reason of my family gave him to a dog's trainer because lately he always peed everywhere in my house so my house was so smelly. My grandma said she felt like she's living in a doghouse because of this smelly house caused by my dog. My family couldn't handle his naughtiness anymore. He left my house on April 27th, 2015 in the afternoon (before I went back from campus). I cry too often since then until now (I cry more than 10 times in 1 day). I even cried on campus and mall because of remembering him. Losing him is like losing a part of myself. It hurts too much. This is like a worst nightmare ever. I've never thought that worst day would come. I even didn't take time to farewell him because I was in hurry to went to campus. I've never been this sad before. This is sadder than having heartache because of a guy (break up from a boyfriend or something like that). Sadder than failed in a class. I've never lose someone who closes to me for forever before, so losing Mikey was the first time I lost someone precious.

Mike has many nick name. I often called him "ndut" (in English: fatty), cemong (it's slank language in Bahasa. I called him cemong because his fur's color is dark around his face), and Mikey (this is his cute name). He was born on August 24th 2009. He's golden retriever mix dachshund so He has a little bit tall body but his fur's type is like golden retriever. He's so smart. He always barked when we (my family) have guest in our home to tell us there's people in front of our house. He always told people in my house to opened the door if my family members came home. Before he peed in everywhere in my house, he peed in toilet. He always knew if he made mistakes. So many things that he did that made me laugh (and also so many things that he did made me upset to him). But sometimes he's so grumpy. He's grumpy when he's sleepy or he laid down (so we couldn't touch him). He's also grumpy when he made mistakes so it's his defense before someone scolded him.

Even though he's so naughty and grumpy, I love him way too much. I bet he's not happy living in my house because of some reasons and this is making me sad because I failed to take care of him and made Mike happy. I'm too sad because my house is now so quiet (no bark voice anymore), thinking about is he happy in his new house? How if he's unhappy and confuse because he doesn't see his owner anymore?, and also this memory (about Mike) is killing me slowly. This memory keeps replaying in my mind and it makes me cry everytime I remember him :( I don't know how to makes me not sad anymore when I remember about him. I don't want to move on from him for sure. I just want to accept the fact that he's gone. I really hope he's happier now (or will be happier) and I wish he knows that me and my family love him too much. I feel guilty for gave him to other but maybe this is the best way. It seems like I can't let go of him. I'm too much loving him. I hope I can visit him sometimes but I think it'll not gonna happen :'(

Here's my photos with Mike (sorry for bad quality photos) :

My birthday this year

Sorry for the messy.

That's all about Mikey. Love you, miss you, and good bye, my lovely Mikey....


  1. Oh It's sad hear it :( I hope you are okay
    kiss hunny

  2. Lovely, dear, thank you for visiting my blog. Pls, keep in touch, dear.

  3. wishing the best for mikey also for you

    Herdiana Surachman

  4. I am so sorry, girl. It's so sad to hear. Hope Mikey is now happy.

  5. I am sorry to hear hun. I had to give up my puppy after just a few weeks and it was hard enough. Can't imagine what you'd be feeling after all those years :(

    Sending you love!

    Helen xx

  6. nice mikey good bye mikey...

  7. Amazing post my dear <3

  8. your dog looks lovely and adorable <33

    cheer, michelle ~

  9. Aw im so sorry for your loss!! I had my cat for 18 years and had to put him down the day after Christmas this past year, it was honestly the worst! I cried for days! Hang in there girl!!

  10. Mikey's so cuteeee❤❤
    I wish you can live with him again someday­čśó


  11. Aaaah, what sad story. That's okay honey, maybe you still have a chance to visit him sometimes, aren't you? He's a very cute dog! What a wonderful story between you and Mickey <3


    1. My parents don't agree to visit him :( But now I've already known that he's okay there, so nothing to be worried about :) Thank you.

  12. Aww. We have a pet as well before (which died) but I'm not really attached to him. I'm not a dog lover but my mom is and I saw her cry when our dog died. This is a sad story but as they say all happy things have its end. There's a new blessing coming :) Cheer up!

    Have a great day!



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