Friday, 31 October 2014

Meet Some of the TOP Fashion Bloggers

October 24 2014 was a happy day, actually it's more than happy day. It's super duper happy day! I met some of top fashion bloggers. They are Anastasia Siantar (Anaz's blog), Claradevi (Lucedale's blog), Olivia Lazuardy (Olivia's blog), Michelle Hendra (Michelle's blog), and also Veren Lee (Veren's blog). Not just met, but I talked and took some pictures with them too. It's a great honor to took pictures with them. All of them are so friendly, I'm quite shock hahaha and they're so pretty and stunning. Here's my pictures with them:

With ci Anastasia Siantar

With kak Claradevi (Lucedale)

With ci Olivia Lazuardy

With ci Michelle Hendra

With Veren Lee. She's two years younger than me but so fashionable.

I wish this was not the first and the last moment I met them. This was the very first time I attended fashion event and I need to attend fashion event more. Anyway, there's best dressed competition and I  won it chosen by kak Claradevi. Can you imagine how happy I am? The prize was I could choose 3 items on their booth. I'm going to post what I chose below. The things that I chose is the things that I want them from long time but I hadn't find it in any store, and then I got them all for free now. Wohooo! Massive thanks to kak Claradevi for chose me, I love her so much hahaha. I really like the prize. Can't believe this happened to me. I'm so blessed beyond measure and compare. I couldn't be happy more than this. So sad, I forgot to take pictures with them closer than this (except with ci Anaz) and I forgot to took OOTD picture. Here's the prize:

Ps: All of them are the prizes, except my heels. So lovely, isn't it? Thank God I have already been skinnier so the top is fit to my body Hahaha thanks Odioli to made this event :) 

Actually I want to publish this post after all my old pictures are published, but I couldn't wait for it so I'm posting this. That's all about my super duper happy day with top fashion bloggers. Don't be jealous with me hahaha :))


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